RFK Jr – Following Uncle’s Footsteps

The last 7-8 years were tremendously volatile in US politics and society in general. Society was always mildly politically divided on the left and right, but with the arrival of Donald Trump, that division took an ugly and toxic turn. He elevated conversation to a level of a verbal wrestling match, and the whole political field went wild.

Joe Biden promised to bring normality to US politics, but he only added to the division by being incompetent and, frankly, not fit for the job.

We were already settling on the idea that the 2024 elections would be a repeat match between two highly divisive characters, but then a new kid in the political block arrived, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK is not a new face in US politics, but this is his first serious bid for the US president, and it seems he is gaining momentum. The Left is tired of Biden’s incompetence, while on the other side, a big chunk of the conservatives are tired of Trump too, who is unable to change, character-wise.

RFK went hard on the pandemic and vaccines, which is pleasing for the conservative side. At the same time, the polls show that Liberals are warming up to him, which can lead to an exciting duel between him and Joe Biden in primaries unless DNC pulls a plug on Biden and pushes a more vibrant candidate, like Gavin Newson.

But let’s have a look at RFK’s chart. He is born as a Yin Water Master Element during the winter season, making his ME rather strong. On top of that, his chart has a complete Metal structure, with Snake, Ox, and Rooster, making his Metal Element exceptionally strong and utilized. On top of his chart is a Yin Wood that acts as an Artist Supertalent, providing him with intelligence and communication abilities.

On top of his chart, Yin Water acts as a Companion Supertalent, which tells us that he likes to identify with ordinary people and speak for them, which is very appealing for a politician who wants to win the masses.

For a Yin Water ME, Earth Element represents political power, and he has plenty of that within Ox and some within Snake.

His chart has everything he needs for a successful political career and position in a high office. The dynamic between Elements is highly productive, utilizing all Elements. Metal controls Wood, while Wood obtains Earth (Power), so his chart focuses solely on obtaining political power.

On top of this, he is also in highly supportive Dynamic Luck, Yang Earth-Horse. His chart is a little bit cold, but Horse is now providing a lot of Fire Element. Yang Earth combines with two Yin Water Elements on top of his chart, creating another Talent Bridge, the Social Justice, making it easier for him to connect with people who might eventually bring him to power.

So overall, this is one superb chart, showing us that he has everything he needs to have a decent shot at a White House position.

We will follow the development closely; if another candidate shows up, we will also cover them.


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