BaZi Academy: 8-Week Course


Program duration: 8 x 90 minutes lesson
Period: From 10. July to 28. August
Time: Every Sunday at 3 pm Central European Time
Platform: Zoom app (small group, max 8 participants)
Hosted by: Johny M. – the lead Talent Hero expert.

The 8-Week Program is suitable for all those who would like to learn the fundamentals of the BaZi method and those who are familiar with the system but would like to go more in-depth.

The detailed Program can be found below.

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BaZi Academy: 8-Week Course

Lesson 1 – Essentials

  • Five Elements: Production, Control, and Exhaust cycle
  • Branches & Seasons (Farmer calendar)
  • 12 stages of Branches
  • Maturity of Branches

In the first lesson, we will go through the basics of the Five Elements, making sure that you understand the essential dynamics that drive the whole BaZi.

Lesson 2 – Chart structure

  • Identifying Master Element strength
  • Four pillar structure

Understanding the pillar structure and how to identify Master Element strength is the first step of every analysis. We will go through as many as possible chart examples to provide you with more understanding so that you can practice on your own.

Lesson 3 – Basic character profiling

  • Profiles (Talents/Gods)
  • Components (Structures)

In this lesson, we will go through all 10 Profiles (also known as Gods or Talents) and Components (also known as Structures). We will also provide reading material so that you can get familiar with each.

Lesson 4 – Talent discovery

  • Supertalents
  • Talent Bridge

This lesson will go deeper into character analysis, using special features like Supertalents and Talent Bridge.

Lesson 5 – Analyzing Qi

  • Warm vs. Cold Qi
  • Identifying dominant Qi / 6 Gangs
  • Identifying useful Element / Qi

The environment of each BaZi is best understood by understanding Qi, giving you a simple formula to analyze charts very quickly and efficiently. This part is mainly based on the Mangpai BaZi school, which focuses less on individual symbols, but more on the chart environment.

Lesson 6 – Chart dynamics

  • Stem combinations and clashes
  • Branch combinations and clashes
  • Tombs
  • Fan Yin / Fu Yin

In this lesson, we will go through complex technicalities that involve clashes, combinations, and various other triggers found in BaZi charts.

Lesson 7 – Dynamic Luck

  • Luck Pillar
  • Annual Pillar

In this lesson, we will extrapolate our newly acquired knowledge into dynamic charts to understand how our chart’s dynamics change through time and how they can affect us.

Lesson 8 – Advanced concepts

  • Host vs Guest / Ti & Yong / Body & Use

We will show you some advanced techniques in the last lesson that give you more details and layers. This part is also based on Mangpai BaZi school.

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BaZi Academy

8-Week Course (July/August)