We use several indicators to show the overall quality and strength of each Talent Bridge.


Every Bridge consists of two Character Components, each with two Talents. A Bridge can only be established if there is at least one matching Talent on both sides. Moreover, the strength of these Talents is crucial. An imbalance caused by an excessively strong Talent on one side can disrupt the Bridge’s balance. Conversely, if one or both sides lack Talents entirely, the Bridge is deemed invalid.


The intensity indicator gauges the influence of a specific Bridge on us. Typically, an Intensity ranging from 6 to 8 is considered optimal, as it can generate favorable outcomes. Bridges with higher Intensity levels may still yield positive results. Notably, when the Intensity reaches 10, the Bridge exerts dominance over all other Bridges. Conversely, a weak Intensity (between 0 and 3) suggests that the Bridge has a negligible impact on the chart’s dynamics, rendering it relatively useless.


For a Talent Bridge to be effective, both sides must possess sufficient strength. A Bridge with one weak side and one strong side will likely exhibit subpar efficiency. Ideally, the Bridge should have Moderate, High, or Excellent levels, as these are indicative of a well-balanced and efficient Talent combination. Conversely, Bridges with Poor or Low levels are characterized by weak and inefficient Talents.