We use several indicators to show the overall quality and strength of each Talent Bridge.


Each Bridge consists of two Character Components, with two Talents on each side. The Bridge can be established only if there is at least one Talent present on both sides. It’s also important that Talents are strong, between 25% and 50% is desirable. If one Talent is higher than 100% than it migth cause problems in Bridge balance. If Talents are missing completely on one, or both sides, then that particular Bridge is invalid.


Intensity indicator shows the impact that particular Bridge has on us. Generally speaking, intensity between 6 and 8 is desirable, although even if it’s higher it might produce good results. When Intensity is 10 it most likely means that that Bridge is dominating. A weak intensity, between 0 and 3 means that Bridge doesn’t have a big impact on the chart dynamic.


Both sides of the Bridge need to be strong enough to make the combination efficient. If one is weak and the other one is strong, the efficiency of that Bridge won’t be that good. Moderate, High and Excellent levels are desirable. Poor and Low levels are a sign of weak, inefficient Talent Bridge.