Patient, generous, faithful, kind, honest, loyal, amicable, idealistic, and judgmental.

Dog People make good leaders but can be stubborn and eccentric. They can find fault easily and are noted for their sharp tongues. They also possess some of the best traits of human nature; they are loyal, honest, and inspire people. The dog is a man’s friend who can understand the human spirit. They don’t focus on wealth yet always seem to have money. The Chinese regard the dog as an auspicious animal, and if a dog happens to wander into a house, the owners are happy as it symbolizes the coming of fortune. Dogs are often emotionally cold, but they do like to be at the center of attention.


Dogs are straightforward in their career and love life. They are faithful, courageous, smart, and warm-hearted. If they fall in love with someone, they remain loyal to their partner. They can be terribly stubborn but usually about the right things. They also know how to keep secrets and inspire others’ confidence.


Most women under this sign lack real stability but have some appeal. They can be rather cold, find fault with many things, and are noted for their sharp tongues. They are often unnecessarily anxious and irritable and try to flaunt themselves and be brave. They love to sit back and theorize but lack practical experience.


Dog represents the end of autumn when the Metal is slowly becoming weak. It carries mainly dry Yang Earth, hidden Yin Fire (needs to be activated through harmony with Horse or Tiger), and weak Yin Metal.


Harmony: Dog belongs to the Fire Element structure, together with Tiger and Horse. It has hidden Yin Fire which needs to be activated by Tiger or Horse.

Combination: Dog and Rabbit combine together, increasing the Element of Yin Fire.

Clash: Dragon and Dog are in a double clash, Yin Water vs. Yin Fire and Yin Wood vs. Yin Metal.

Harm: Dog and Rooster are considered in a Mutual Harm relationship. Dog’s Yin Fire is trying to control Rooster’s Yin Metal.