Coronavirus – Boris Johnson’s emergency hospitalisation

Boris JohnsonToday we learned that Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has been hospitalized due to Coronavirus infection. He was diagnosed ten days ago and today ended up on intensive care, so things are rather serious.

Boris Johnson is a Yin Earth Master Element (full analysis), and his Five Elements are somewhat balanced. In this post, we won’t focus on his talents; as we usually do, that should be a topic for some other day; instead, we would like to look into his health condition. 

His Cold Qi is a bit stronger than Warm Qi, which means that the Fire Element is essential in order to keep his Yin Earth warm and productive. The Horse branch brings him Yin Fire, providing the needed warmth and keeping his chart well balanced. By default, this is a well-functioning chart.

Several negative occurrences are happening this year, though. The current Metal Rat year is trouble for him because Rat is clashing away the vital branch in his chart, the Horse. Rat is also combining with his Dragon, therefore this Water structure is rather strong. A few days ago we entered Dragon month, which combines with Rat as well, bringing more Water.

Additionally, in February he entered a new Dynamic Luck period, Fire Rat. This Fire is somewhat helpful but weak, while another Rat is creating massive problems for his Horse, and this issue will last for ten years. If we count the Pig as well, there are five instances of Water Element surrounding his Horse at this point.

His Goat, which is his second source of Fire, is also Harmed by Rat, therefore he got no support left from branches below.

Yang Metal (of 2020) is also disturbing his Yang Wood; therefore, his Fire might have difficulties getting support from Wood. Overall, this is a rather severe combination of negative clashes and, to be honest, is a little bit concerning. When a critical Element in our chart gets clashed away and that Element is essential for our health, then we are talking about very serious health issues.

We will follow his situation closely and provide an update soon. Hopefully, Boris will be able to go through this, but the Dragon month (until 5. May) will be a critical period for him.

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