Supertalent is a unique chart feature which can provide extraordinary creative capabilities to a person. These abilities are mostly extrovert, like public speaking, acting, singing or dancing, and people who have them are often exceptionally charismatic and communicative.

Please note that not every Supertalent has the same strength and power. In some cases these Supertalents can become so-called ‘Annoying Talents,’ bringing more bad than good; therefore it’s essential to have an expert to analyze the quality of each Supertalent individually.

During our research, we found that most entertainment stars or high-level politicians have these Supertalents in their charts. Supertalent creates one kind of illusion where the people who have it are able to present themselves in exceptional way, overriding their own inner feelings, attitudes and opinions which makes them perfect for acting roles. If Supertalent acts in a negative way, the person can develop a dual personality which results in coverups, lies and generally becoming rather untrustworthy.

But please bear in mind, having a Supertalent in your chart doesn’t mean that you will become instantly and globally famous. The overall condition of the chart and timing is essential, to see whether and when Supertalent can be active, and more importantly, efficient.

Supertalents are our standard Talents, but with the ability to regulate the chart and be the critical ingredient, regardless of its strength, therefore even the weakest Supertalent can be of utmost importance to the person.

They act as an extraordinary remedy, like for example if you have a super dry chart, with a lot of Fire, Wood, and dry Earth, in this case even a small amount of Water can bring very much needed refreshment and activate those burned-out Elements. Such valuable Element would have qualities of a Supertalent.

We divided them into five categories, according to Character Components.

POWER: Warrior and Diplomat

Warrior and Diplomat, when acting as Supertalent, represent a highly charismatic person, somebody who tends to become famous almost effortlessly and people see them as authoritative figures. Usually, they have a great deal of confidence too, or at least that’s what people see from outside. Good examples are Matthew McConaughey, Richard Branson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert DeNiro, Michael Stipe, Adele, and Steve McQueen.

OUTPUT: Artist and Performer

When these two Talents are acting as Supertalent, the person can be a great communicator and have excellent public performing or writing skills. These Supertalents are almost essential for all those who would like to become a singer, actor, or author, due to its strong extrovert qualities. Good examples are Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Seth Godin, Bill Clinton, and Frank Sinatra.

WEALTH: Pioneer and Director

In normal circumstances when Pioneer and Director Talents are strong, they represent wealth and money. If they are somewhat weak, and acting as Supertalent, will represent various artistic skills. In the case of men, such Supertalent can also represent flirting abilities, playboy behavior, and sex appeal. In some cases, when acting negatively, this Supertalent can make a person to spend money irresponsibly. A lot of motivational speakers and authors of bestsellers have such Supertalent in their charts. Good examples are Freddie Mercury, Charlie Sheen, George Clooney, Robert Redford, Tim Robbins, and John F. Kennedy.

INTELLECT: Analyzer and Philosopher

These two Talents usually represent learning and analyzing abilities, but if they act as Supertalent, then the person might be more empathic and compassionate. Usually can be found in charts of people who are involved in various activities helping troubled and weaker members of society or they are often expressing their concerns about the state of the world in general. Good examples are Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, Roger Federer, Kurt Cobain, and Richard Branson.

BODY: Competitor and Motivator

If Competitor acts as Supertalent the person might be extremely social and chatty, a fast talker. On a negative side, the person might be a spendthrift, unable to manage money and have issues with addictions. Motivator as Supertalent can act out as great networking skill. Generally speaking, this Supertalent can bring a person a large number of devoted followers, especially in the case of Competitor acting as Supertalent. Good examples are Taylor Swift, Kate Winslet, Robert Downey Jr., and Usain Bolt.