Supertalent is a unique chart feature that often provides extraordinary creative abilities. These are typically extroverted skills, such as public speaking, acting, writing, singing, or dancing, making those who possess them exceptionally charismatic and communicative. Supertalents are prominent, often the first thing we notice about a person.

Not all Supertalents have the same strength. Sometimes, these Supertalents can become ‘Annoying Talents,’ bringing more harm than good, leading to addictions, uncontrolled spending, or compulsive lying. Therefore, it’s essential to have an expert analyze each Supertalent’s quality individually.

Our research shows that many entertainment stars and high-level politicians have these Supertalents. They create an illusion, allowing people to present themselves exceptionally well, which is perfect for acting roles.

However, having a Supertalent in your chart doesn’t guarantee instant global fame. The overall condition of the chart and timing are crucial to determine if and when a Supertalent can be active and beneficial.

Supertalents are like regular Talents but with the ability to regulate the chart and be crucial, even if they are not strong. They act as an extraordinary remedy. For example, in a chart dominated by Fire, Wood, and dry Earth, even a small amount of Water can provide much-needed balance. This valuable Element would have the qualities of a Supertalent.


Each Supertalent originates from one of the Talents and shares certain character traits with it. However, Supertalents often behave differently due to their unstable and extroverted nature. They are unique because, in theory, they don’t need to be strong to be useful and productive.

(Original Talent: Warrior)

Charismatic, when acting as Supertalent, represents a highly charismatic person who tends to become famous almost effortlessly, and people see them as authoritative figures. Usually, they have great confidence and courage too, or at least that’s what people see from the outside.

SPECIFIC FOR MEN: Strong sex appeal and charisma

SPECIFIC FOR WOMEN: Able to attract powerful men and manipulate them

(Original Talent: Diplomat)

Charmer Supertalent, as the name implies, means that the person is charming and likes to flirt and seduce the opposite sex through conversation. They are usually smooth, polite talkers who can talk themselves and others out of troubling situations. They are the ones able to calm the situation and look for a non-violent solution. People with Diplomat Supertalent are usually quite popular and can easily become famous.

SPECIFIC FOR MEN: Strong sex appeal and charisma

SPECIFIC FOR WOMEN: Able to attract powerful men and manipulate them

(Original Talent: Artist)

Artist Supertalent represents extraordinary artistic skills and a refined taste for luxury and gourmand food. People with such Supertalent are often excellent communicators and writers who enjoy public gatherings and intellectual challenges.

This Supertalent shares many character traits with the original Talent; therefore, the name remains the same. A Supertalent version is much more extroverted, though.

(Original Talent: Performer)

Performer Supertalents are natural performers, and they love being on the stage, in the limelight. Some of the world’s greatest singers, actors, and politicians have this Supertalent.

This Supertalent shares many character traits with the original Talent; therefore, the name remains the same. A Supertalent version is much more extroverted, though.

(Original Talent: Pioneer)

This Supertalent usually brings strong creative and communicative abilities and a strong sex appeal and sex drive. These people are generally very energetic, chatty, and unpredictable, and they often use foul language with a lot of swearing and sex innuendos.

They love to move and take risks, but that can also lead to negative behavior like addictions and losing money through gambling.

SPECIFIC FOR MEN: Playboy behavior, a lot of focus on sex and women, highly promiscuous

SPECIFIC FOR WOMEN: Women behave more like men, so-called Tomboy. Very chatty, loud, wild, and pretty much the opposite of ladylike.

(Original Talent: Director)

Communicators, as the name implies, are excellent in communication, storytelling, and persuasion, making them perfect for sales, acting, writing, and other artistic and creative skills.

A lot of motivational speakers and bestseller authors have this Supertalent. They are usually talented in all kinds of artistic activities, and they enjoy entertaining and inspiring others.

On the negative side, their ability to impress people and create illusions can sometimes lead them to behave fraudulently, especially if money is involved.

(Original Talent: Philosopher)

Poets are in tune with their inner feelings, have an empathetic nature, and can express their emotions through songwriting or poetry. They are often involved in charity and humanitarian causes. In extreme cases, they can be highly eccentric, always behaving and doing things completely different than others.

(Original Talent: Analyzer)

People with Altruist Supertalent are often concerned about the well-being of other people, especially those who are poor, weak, or sick. They have a compulsory need to help in any way they can. Often they also have songwriting abilities which they use to address social injustice and share their empathy.

(Original Talent: Motivator)

Companion as a Supertalent doesn’t provide glamourous characteristics like other Supertalents; instead, it represents bonding and creating meaningful friendships. Spending time with people from their social circle is their preference; therefore, they don’t like to mix with a higher class from them. These types of people are always ready to offer a helping hand to a friend in need.

(Original Talent: Competitor)

People with Networker Supertalent are social and chatty, fast talkers, and can gain followers quickly. They also have leadership skills and can mingle with people from different social circles, higher or lower. This type of person can sometimes be over-generous and needs to monitor his finances. In extreme cases may display addictive behavior and use lies to hide it.