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Our experts are working super-hard on these; more info should be coming soon, so bear with us ūüôā

Here is what we know about them so far.

Supertalent is a unique chart feature which can provide extraordinary creative capabilities to a person. These abilities are almost always extrovert, like public speaking, acting, singing or dancing. Good examples are Matthew McConaughey, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Frank Sinatra.

Supertalent can also show up as charisma, making you famous in your social circles and workplace. Good examples are Steve McQueen, Richard Branson, Daniel Day-Lewis and Robert DeNiro.

To men, a specific Supertalent can represent flirting abilities, stimulating their sex appeal and playboy behavior. Good examples are Freddie Mercury, George Clooney, Robert Redford and John F. Kennedy.

During our research, we found that most entertainment stars or high-level politicians have these Supertalents in their charts.

That being said, having a Supertalent in your chart doesn’t mean that you will become instantly and globally famous. The overall condition of the chart and timing is essential, to see whether and when exactly Supertalent can be active, and more importantly, efficient.

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