Barack Obama – The Great Narrator

Barack Obama needs no introduction, and regardless of our political affiliation, we can all agree that he is a superb narrator. His communication skills are outstanding, and I doubt any current politician can match him when it comes to public speaking.

So what makes him so outstanding, from a chart point of view? Several aspects work well together. Obama is a robust Yin Earth Master Element, so naturally, he welcomes Output Component, which in his case is Element of Metal. There is a strong Yin Metal structure in a year pillar, the Metal Ox. This structure is further enforced through an Ox / Snake combination. Yin Metal represents Artist Talent, and in his case, it’s superb quality. This Yin Metal is sitting in a year pillar, meaning this Talent gets global recognition.

The Ox / Snake combination is significant because it initiates the Creativity Talent Bridge between Fire and Metal, or Intellect and Output Character Components.

Another exciting aspect is the Yin Wood Element on top of the Goat. This Yin Wood acts as a Supertalent because it’s counterbalancing his excessive Earth Element. This Supertalent brings him powerful charisma and political influence.

All these qualities work well together, especially between 2000 and 2020, when he was going through Metal / Wood Dynamic Luck, revealing all those qualities even more. That 20 years period was a peak chart performance for him, especially when it comes to political influence.

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