Each Talent or Character Component on their own do not have much significance unless they are working in combination with other Talents or Components. So, for example, if your Wealth Component is very strong, it doesn’t mean automatically that you will make a lot of money. The strength represents potential, but whether that potential can be reached depends on collaboration within Components.

This collaboration we call Talent Bridge and it can be formed between Character Components and Talents, but to keep things simple, we will focus only on Components here.

There are altogether five Character Components and five possible Talent Bridges between them. Here is a list of possible combinations, short description, and type of professions where we mostly see these combinations.

  • Body + Wealth: Management, hands-on approach towards matters and situations, using physical power to make money (Business management, Sports, physical labor)
  • Output + Power: Influence, political power, ability to mobilize others to execute your ides (High-level politicians, influential people)
  • Wealth + Mind: Entrepreneurship, Financial independence, using intellect and ideas to make money (Businessmen)
  • Power + Body: Career, working for somebody else, ability to follow orders and serve a higher purpose (Career orientated, helping others)
  • Mind + Output: Special abilities, education, creative ideas, ability to present, act, paint, sing…. (Intellectuals, actors, singers)
In our analysis, we are presenting an approximate ratio between Components. It’s vital that both Components are stable, able to withstand the pressure caused by collaboration. It’s hard to say what is the best ratio between Components to reach the best performance; it varies from chart to chart; therefore more detailed analysis is needed to determine the quality of each Talent Bridge.
It’s also important to understand that with Talent Bridges we are not seeking for the ultimate balance, where all five Bridges are in good proportions. Such setup is actually not welcome because the person might have a problem with focus. Having one fully functional Talent Bridge with good intensity and efficiency is more than enough to provide you with enough drive to achieve success in the field governed by that particular Bridge.