(Also known as Profiles or Gods)

While Character Components give us a primary matrix of a person’s character, with Talents, we can dig a bit deeper. Each Character Component consists of two Talents; we can imagine them as Yin & Yang variations, each providing a slightly different flavor.

Generally, PioneerWarrior, and Philosopher Talents represent a more progressive, individualistic, and rebellious behavior. If you have one of these and are dominant, you will often do things your way and rarely follow the majority. This constant need to challenge the status quo can also cause a lot of conflicts along the way. Many successful individuals have these Talents, which gives them the edge.

DirectorDiplomat, and Analyzer Talents represent a more conservative, conventional approach. If they are the dominant force, you might be more agreeable and unwilling to take risks. In extreme cases, the person might become ultra-orthodox, rejecting change and wielding much control.

If the person has a mix of both progressive and conservative, it will result in a more balanced personality, with enough edge to act progressively, but at the same time diplomatic enough to cooperate with other people.

Artist and Performer bring strong creative abilities and can be progressive or conservative, depending on other Talents. If one or both of these Talents are excessive, the person might act rebellious, unable to handle authority. They will seek creative freedom and the ability to express themselves without restrictions, which could lead to many conflicts. Good examples are Jim Morrison (The Doors) and Adolf Hitler.

Motivator and Competitor bring physical strength, networking skills, and ego. Whether they act conservative or progressive will depend on surrounding Talents too. When excessive, these two Talents can make the person stubborn and full of themselves. It will be their way or no way. A good example is Donald Trump and Kanye West.

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Eccentric, Intuitive, Perceptive


Analytical, Compassionate, Cultured

BODY Component

(Neutral, leaning to conservative)

Confident, Decisive, Strong-willed

(Neutral, leaning to progressive)

Competitive, Inspirational, Chatty

OUTPUT Component

(Neutral, leaning to progressive)

Entertaining, Innovative, Street-smart

(Neutral, leaning to conservative)

Artistic, Sophisticated, Intellectual

WEALTH Component


Ethical, Efficient, Responsible


Explorer, Energetic, Trailblazer

POWER Component


Modest, Supportive, Peaceful


Authoritative, Charismatic, Altruistic