(Also known as BaZi Profiles)

While Character Components gives us a primary matrix of person’s character, with Talents, we can dig a bit deeper. Each Character Component consists of two Talents, we can imagine them as Yin & Yang variations of the same character.

CREATIVITY Component consists of Artist and Performer. Both are creative Talents, but for Artist, we could say that is the more introvert type who likes to work in the background, far from the limelight, while Performer is a more extrovert type of creativity who strives in front of an audience.


WEALTH Component consists of Director and Pioneer Talents. Both Talents are about wealth and money, but Director is more type of person who follows the rules and likes to fit in existing structure. On another side, Pioneer wants to challenge himself and others, and always look for new adventures in business, or in life.


POWER Component consists of Diplomat and Warrior Talents. Both Talents are about authority and general influence in the society. A Diplomat is somebody who always tries to solve problems in a, well, diplomatic way, and expects people to get along. Warrior, on another hand, although have same goals as Diplomat, will use more pushy tactics. Top politicians usually have strong Warrior Talent.

MIND Component consists of Analyzer and Philosopher Talents. Both Talents are about intellect and learning abilities. The Analyzer is a more conventional type, who likes to learn from established, formal institutions, while Philosopher leans a lot towards metaphysics and knowledge which is not widespread.


BODY Component consists of Self-Esteem and Competitor Talents. Both Talents are about our physical stamina but also influence our social behavior. Self-Esteem is somebody who relies a lot on its power and abilities, have a great sense of self-worth. On another hand, Competitor likes to compete with other people, and sometimes this can go to an extreme. Competitor Talent is often seen in great sportsman’s charts.

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