Fun, active, motivating, curious, sociable, competitive, and manipulative.

Monkey people have a deep desire for knowledge and have excellent memories. They are erratic geniuses, clever, skillful, flexible, and remarkably inventive and original. Monkey people can generally be successful in many areas. The monkey was bestowed with auspicious meaning in China after a historical dignified official, and pictures of it are placed on walls and doors in offices to bring good fortune. Having common sense, they can solve the most challenging problems with ease. They can also be strong-willed and want to do things immediately, and if they can’t, they can become despondent and leave projects unfinished. Their short temper cools quickly.


Monkeys are talented problem solvers, self-assured, sociable, and innovative, with competent, practical abilities. They are good at making decisions. Being lively, flexible, quick-witted, and versatile, they love sports and action. They are hungry for knowledge and, when communicating, do not like to be controlled. They can show fantastic creativity in their work and have a strong desire to present themselves.


They are sometimes big mouths, impatient, and simply too agreeable. If they cannot get something immediately, they become discouraged. They can be suspicious, cunning, selfish, and arrogant and tend to look down on others.


Monkey represents the beginning of autumn when the Metal Element is starting to gain strength. It carries mainly Yang Metal, with additional Yang Water (which needs to be activated through a Harmony with Rat or Dragon). It also carries some Yang Earth but is not particularly strong due to the unsupportive season (Autumn).


Harmony: Monkey belongs to the Water Element structure, together with Rat and Dragon. It has hidden Yang Water which needs to be activated by a Rat or Dragon.

Combination: Monkey and Snake combine together, increasing the Element of Yang Water.

Clash: Tiger and Monkey are in a double clash. Yang Wood vs. Yang Metal, and Yang Fire vs. Yang Water.

Harm: Monkey’s Yang Metal will try to control Pig’s Yang Wood, while Pig’s Yang Wood will try to control Yang Earth within the Monkey, creating Mutual Harm.