(Also known as Indirect Wealth BaZi Profile)


Pioneer Talent belongs to WEALTH Character Component, together with Director, its counterpart.

Pioneers are known for its ingenuity and risk-taking approach to life.

They are attracted to entrepreneurship, investments, bold and brave adventures. From all the Talents, Pioneers are the ablest to go where no person has gone before.

They initiate new approaches, break grounds, shift directions like no one else.

Although they are fully aware of risks, they take it as a challenge, believing that those who take risks, bring the bigger prize home.

They are walking power-houses and can be somewhat impatient; waiting is not their top character trait.

Pioneers usually have sharp, street-smart intelligence, which makes them fast-thinkers; therefore they are most of the time ahead of the competition.

They do not handle control very well, freedom of movement and independent work is of utmost importance to them.

Only when they are free they can capitalize on opportunities around them, and for Pioneers freedom means money; therefore financial independence will always be their primary focus.

These positive traits, of course, have their flip sides. Their strength, quickness, and intelligence can turn into excessive dominance, wreaking havoc around them.

When negative traits take over, they can be extremely vengeful, confrontational and can show signs of sexual promiscuity.


Below are few key character traits and professions which are related to the Pioneer Talent, accompanied with real-life examples from famous people so that you can get a better idea of its unique characteristics.


Some of the smartest and most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists of our time have strong Pioneer Talent in their charts. Bill Gates, Ev Williams. John Doerr, Larry Page, Marc Andreessen, Rupert Murdoch, Sergey Brin, Ben Horowitz, these individuals are one of the top founders and investors in the last 20 years.

Each of them took a considerable risk, developing a product or investing millions in people and ideas, living on the edge for most of their lives until they made it. And that’s the core nature of Pioneer Talent.

Pablo Escobar could also be added to this list, although his fame is far more detrimental; his style of doing business, control, dominance, and risk-taking is true Pioneer Talent work.


When it comes to art and entertainment, Pioneers are those pushing the boundaries of what is possible as well. Many Pioneers have left an incredible mark in the history of music and cinematography.

Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Johnny Depp, Johnny Greenwood, Lady Gaga, Nick Cave, Steven Spielberg, all of them created a unique style of art and expression, breaking the grounds in their fields, inspiring millions of people to follow and imitate their work.


For Pioneers it’s all about speed and intensity; therefore a sexual dominance has a significant role to play, especially when Pioneer Talent is excessive and out of control. This part of character trait relates more to men, while women react on this Talent in a slightly different way, due to their different approach towards sexuality and relationships in general. For a woman Pioneer mainly represents independence, so if it’s overly strong it’s most likely that she will have relationship issues with men.

Recently we heard a lot about sexual harassment in the venture capital world, where powerful men use their position to take advantage of women. Pioneer is an essential Talent when it comes to venture capital, most top VCs will have this Talent in their charts, so it’s not surprising that this problem is occurring in this type of business. Now, we don’t claim that every VC out there is a sexual harasser, far from that, but the likelihood is higher than with other Talents due to its impatience and controlling nature.

Another compelling case, Anthony Weiner, infamous US politician who went to prison because of his sexual misbehavior, has also excessive and out of control Pioneer in his chart.

This talent has a lot to do with control of others and self-control, and if a person is emotionally and mentally weak, will react to its worst traits.

Pioneers, if excessive, might also have very busy minds and suffer from depression due to extreme emotional ups and downs (Heath Ledger is a good example).

Overspending money is also one of the negative sides of imbalanced Pioneer, and it can lead to addictions, like drug or alcohol overuse.


  • The ability to be respected
  • Having a sense of power and being able to prove their strength
  • Having independence and being self-reliant
  • Being important, and having an impact on others
  • Having unquestioned loyalty
  • Being in control


  • Feeling weak, vulnerable, or out of control
  • Being dependent on anyone or anything
  • Being forced to do something without consent
  • Having their decisions or authority questioned
  • Being surprised
  • Losing someone’s backing or support
Famous people

Famous people with strong Pioneer Talent.

Bill GatesJose MourinhoBob DylanNicole KidmanWinston Churchill
Ev WilliamsNovak DjokovicDavid BowieNicolas CageJohn F. Kennedy
John DoerrSerena WilliamsFreddie MercuryHelen MirrenEmmanuel Macron
Larry PageLionel MessiLeonard CohenHolly HunterRecep Tayyip Erdoğan
Marc AndreessenJohan CruyffJohnny Greenwood Jake Gyllenhaal
Pablo EscobarCristiano RonaldoLady GagaRobert de Niro
Rupert MurdochTom BradyNick CaveWoody Harrelson
Sergey BrinMichael JordanElvis PresleyBen Affleck
Ben HorowitzKurt CobainEthan Hawke
Howard HughesKanye WestSamuel L. Jackson
Richard BransonJanis JoplinScarlett Johansson
Sean ParkerMadonnaWoody Allen
Hugh HefnerMichael StipeHeath Ledger
Travis KalanickBilly Joe Armstrong Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp
These are suitable professions for people with balanced Pioneer Talent.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Branding
  • Investors
  • Financiers
Character traits of people with healthy and balanced Pioneer Talent.

  • Powerful
  • Survivors
  • Accumulating Wealth
  • Trailblazers
  • Big goals
  • Natural born entrepreneurs
  • Explorers
Character traits of people with out of balance Pioneer Talent.

  • Forceful
  • Confrontational
  • Impatient
  • Spendthrift
  • Careless
These negative character traits will manifest when Pioneer Talent is excessive, dominating the entire chart, and mostly in situations when individuals are under enormous pressure or threat.

  • Domineering
  • Vengeful (eye for an eye)
  • Sexual promiscuity

Please note that every Talent sways between good, bad and ugly characteristics. It’s unlikely that a person will react ONLY positive or ONLY negative traits. The balance between these two depends a lot on the overall emotional stability of the person.


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