Communicator Supertalent is originally derived from the Director Talent, and it acts as a supercharged version of that specific Talent.

The Communicator Supertalent: An Overview

Communicators are individuals with exceptional skills in communication, storytelling, and persuasion. These talents make them well-suited for careers in sales, acting, writing, and other artistic and creative fields. They excel at engaging and inspiring others, often becoming influential motivational speakers and bestselling authors.

Characteristics of the Communicator Supertalent

  • Exceptional Communication Skills: These individuals can articulate ideas clearly and persuasively, making them excellent in various forms of communication.
  • Storytelling Ability: They have a knack for storytelling, captivating audiences with their narratives.
  • Persuasiveness: Their persuasive abilities make them effective in roles that require convincing others, such as sales and public speaking.
  • Artistic and Creative Talent: They often excel in artistic activities, including writing, acting, and performing arts.
  • Entertainment and Inspiration: They enjoy entertaining and inspiring others, often becoming influential figures in their fields.

Potential Negative Aspects

  • Deceptive Tendencies: Their talent for impressing people and creating illusions can sometimes lead to fraudulent behavior, especially when money is involved.

Famous People with the Communicator Supertalent

Motivational Speakers and Authors

  • Tony Robbins: Known for his dynamic speaking style and ability to inspire millions, Robbins is a quintessential Communicator, excelling in motivational speaking and writing.
  • Bob Proctor: A renowned self-help author and speaker, Proctor’s persuasive communication skills have helped many people achieve personal and professional growth.


  • Bryan Cranston: Best known for his role in “Breaking Bad,” Cranston’s powerful performances and ability to convey complex emotions highlight his exceptional communication skills.
  • Chris Pine: Pine’s charismatic screen presence and versatile acting skills exemplify the Communicator Supertalent.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis: A highly acclaimed actor, Day-Lewis’s ability to deeply connect with his characters and audiences showcases his storytelling prowess.
  • Hugh Grant: Known for his charm and wit, Grant’s performances in romantic comedies and dramas demonstrate his exceptional communicative abilities.
  • Keira Knightley: Knightley’s compelling performances and ability to captivate audiences with her storytelling highlight her Communicator Supertalent.
  • Mike Myers: As a comedian and actor, Myers’s ability to entertain and engage audiences with his humor and creativity exemplifies this Supertalent.

Historical and Public Figures

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: King’s eloquent speeches and ability to inspire millions in the fight for civil rights highlight his exceptional communication and persuasive skills.
  • Jane Fonda: An actress and activist, Fonda’s ability to engage and inspire through her performances and advocacy work showcases her Communicator Supertalent.
  • Jose Mourinho: Known for his charismatic and persuasive presence in the football world, Mourinho’s ability to motivate and lead his teams exemplifies this Supertalent.

Musicians and Performers

  • Bruno Mars: Mars’s dynamic performances and ability to connect with audiences through his music and stage presence highlight his Communicator Supertalent.
  • John Bon Jovi: The lead singer of Bon Jovi, his charismatic performances and storytelling through music exemplify this talent.

Writers and Literary Figures

  • Jack Kerouac: The Beat Generation author’s compelling narratives and unique style of storytelling make him a standout Communicator.
  • Greta Garbo: Known for her enigmatic presence and captivating performances, Garbo’s ability to communicate deep emotions through her acting highlights her exceptional talent.

Media Personalities and Athletes

  • Megyn Kelly: A prominent media personality, Kelly’s articulate and persuasive communication style has made her a significant figure in journalism and television.
  • Lance Armstrong: Despite his controversial career, Armstrong’s ability to communicate his story and inspire others in the world of sports is notable.


Individuals with the Communicator Supertalent possess a remarkable blend of communication skills, storytelling ability, and persuasive power. They excel in artistic and creative fields, as well as in roles that require engaging and inspiring others. The famous personalities listed here demonstrate how this Supertalent manifests in various domains, showcasing the diverse ways in which exceptional communication can lead to fame and influence. While their talents can lead to great achievements, it is important to be mindful of the potential negative aspects, such as deceptive tendencies, that can arise from their ability to create convincing illusions.