Our birth chart consists of four pillars, representing our birth’s hour, day, month, and year. The birth chart is static, meaning the combination we receive at birth is fixed.

The Dynamic Luck represents a moving part of our chart, consisting of ten pillars, each marking ten years, except the first one, which is usually shorter. In the example below, the first pillar (Yang Wood / Horse on the right) is only seven years long, while all others are active for precisely ten years.

Each pillar represents an activation. For example, if you enter a Yin Earth / Pig Dynamic Luck period, this Yin Earth and Pig will activate specific characteristics, events, and opportunities. Whether this activation will positively or negatively affect you will depend on overall chart conditions. Our experts can explain individual details during a personal consultation.

The activations set off through Dynamic Luck often force people to change direction in life, so suddenly, we either change a job or career, establish a new business, etc. Understanding these periods is crucial to maximizing our abilities and talents. For example, if we push our business endeavors during a period that is not supportive of such activities, we might not be very successful and lose money. Conversely, our success will be significantly amplified if we establish a business during a supportive period.

Dynamic Luck is like a weather forecast for life. Before engaging in certain activities and projects, knowing whether the overall energy is supportive is good. Such information can save us a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy.