Popular, amiable, artistic gentle, sincere, sensitive, and opportunistic.

Rabbits are talented and ambitious, often financially lucky, and have a gift for choosing the right thing.  However, they rarely gamble, as they are too conservative and wise. They are clever at business, principled, and keep their word. They have very good taste and are admired and trusted. Rabbit people rarely lose their tempers and, although they like to gossip, are generally kind. The Chinese Moon Goddess kept a pet rabbit because of its amiable nature. So the legend goes that only the tender rabbit was a match for her noble beauty. Babies are given paintings of rabbits to bring the child a peaceful and happy life.


Rabbit people are gentle, softly spoken, sensitive, compassionate, hospitable, modest, and have a good memory. They can work fast and efficiently. They hate arguing and do not get angry quickly. They like to communicate with others in a light-hearted way and have a natural ability to turn an enemy into a friend. They are homebodies, fond of a peaceful love life but unable to bear a dull life, so they like to spice things up.


They are not good mediators and often sink money into ideas that may fail or lose opportunities because they are too reserved. They shy away from digging deep and prefer to escape too much reality. Amorous and not determined, they look soft in appearance but are often stubborn inside. They do not cope with a dreary life and may create some romance.


Rabbit represents the middle of spring when Wood Element is the strongest; therefore, it carries only Yin Wood Element, which is at its peak.


Harmony: Rabbit belongs to the Wood Element structure, together with Goat and Sheep. When together in the chart, the Rabbit will activate hidden Wood within the Goat or Pig.

Combination: Rabbit and Dog combine together, increasing the Element of Yin Fire.

Clash: Rabbit and Rooster are in a direct clash, which is essentially Yin Wood vs. Yin Metal.

Harm: Rabbit and Dragon are considered in a Mutual Harm relationship. Yin Wood is trying to control Yang Earth.