Independent, energetic, intelligent, enjoy traveling, impatient, perceptive, and arrogant.

Horses are cheerful, kindhearted, and have the ability, although they sometimes talk too much. They have a particular spirit and are always on the go, constantly trying to improve themselves. The Horse is known to the ancient Chinese people as ‘Qianli Ma’, a horse that covers a thousand li (one li equals 500 meters) in a day. Being wise, perceptive, and talented, they are often creative with their hands. Horses enjoy entertainment and big events and may have a weakness for the opposite sex. They are impatient about everything except their work. Very independent people, they rarely listen to advice.


People born in the year of the Horse always want to be in the limelight in their circle, are popular amongst their friends, and have ingenious communication techniques. They are kind and considerate of others. Usually cheerful types, perceptive, talented, and earthy, they are stubborn and sometimes talk too much. Always active at work, they do not like failure.


Horses are flamboyant and can be wasteful as they are not good with financial management, lacking the ability to budget efficiently. They must be able to roam free and don’t like being pinned down. They tend to be involved in many projects they cannot finish alone. Failure may result in pessimism. They have strong endurance levels but tend to be bad-tempered.


Horse represents the middle of summer when temperatures are high. It carries the Yin Fire Element, which is at its peak, and some hot Yin Earth, as a side product of intense Yin Fire.


Harmony: Horse belongs to the Fire Element structure, together with Tiger and Dog. When together in the chart, Horse will activate hidden Fire within Tiger or Dog.

Combination: Horse and Goat combine together, increasing the Element of hot and dry Yin Earth.

Clash: Horse and Rat are in a direct clash (Essentially Yin Fire vs Yin Water clash).

Harm: Ox’s Yin Water is trying to control Horse’s Yin Fire; at the same time, Yin Fire is trying to control Yin Metal within the Ox, creating Mutual Harm.