Energetic, fearless, noble, warm-hearted, charismatic, dignified, and decisive.

Dragons inspire confidence and are natural leaders, being healthy, energetic, excitable but also short-tempered and stubborn. They are honest, do not like borrowing money, sensitive yet brave, and trustworthy. The Dragon has a very high status in Chinese culture as a symbol of authority, dignity, honor, success, luck, and capacity. Often eccentric characters can be soft-hearted, allowing others to take advantage of them. In ancient China, a Dragon was thought to fly across the sky with divine power.


Dragon people are energetic, lively, intellectual, and excitable. They are not afraid of difficulties and usually have a genuine personality capable of grand ambitions, but they don’t like to be used or controlled by people. They are often perfectionists and are not discouraged when they meet with difficulties. They are romantics and sensitive about their reputations. They hate hypocrisy and gossip.


Dragons can be arrogant, overconfident, impatient, and sometimes unable to control themselves due to being tactless, fiery, intolerant, and unrealistic. They may be uncertain about the future. They can be romantic, but they do not always give true love, so they do not suffer disappointment in love. They can be critical of others for their inefficiency at work as they have a nature of excess and can’t stand setbacks. If they overcome these weaknesses, the future is bright.


Dragon represents the end of spring when the Wood is slowly becoming weak. It carries mainly wet Yang Earth, hidden Yin Water (needs to be activated through harmony with Rat or Monkey), and weak Yin Wood.


Harmony: Dragon belongs to the Water Element structure, together with Monkey and Rat. It has hidden Yin Water which needs to be activated by Monkey or Rat.

Combination: Dragon and Rooster combine together, increasing the Element of Yin Metal.

Clash: Dragon and Dog are in a double clash, Yin Water vs. Yin Fire and Yin Wood vs. Yin Metal.

Harm: Dragon and Rabbit are considered in a Mutual Harm relationship. Yin Wood is trying to control Yang Earth.