(Also known as Day Masters, or DM)

Master Element (ME) is the main point of reference in our analysis. The ME represents the person itself, and it gives us a primary layer of our personality.

To determine the quality of ME, and overall chart, we have to analyze what kind of connection and access ME has to other Elements, Character ComponentsTalents and Supertalents found within the birth chart.

If chart environment is hostile towards ME, the person will have problems obtaining some, or maybe even all the Talents, which will result in life difficulties.

If chart environment is supportive, then ME will have a smoother way to access available Talents and use them in real life successfully.

To learn more about each ME please click on the links below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Character traits of each Master Element acts as a foundation. To get the full picture, we have to take into account other Elements, chart conditions and strength of Talents; often they can change ME’s character quite radically.


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