Authoritative, emotional, sensitive, expressive, courageous, intense, and respected.

Tiger people often think profoundly and are capable of great sympathy. However, they can be extremely short-tempered. Tigers are the symbol of power and are considered to be brave, forceful, and terrifying. People have great respect for them, but sometimes Tigers come into conflict with older people or figures in authority. They may find it difficult to decide, resulting in hasty decisions. In ancient times, it was said that accompanying the emperor was just like being at the side of a tiger.


Tigers like speed and challenges as they are active and good at expressing themselves. People born in the year of the Tiger are tolerant, valiant, and respected. Tiger people have a strong sense of frankness and find it easy to win people’s trust.


They are prone to short-temper and overconfidence and forget to look at the long-term effects.  They can be tricky, which may result in unsuccessful communication and cooperation with others. They can get into fights with those above them. Tigers tend to become bitter loners after a long strike of failures.


Tiger represents the beginning of spring when the Wood Element is starting to gain strength. It carries mainly Yang Wood, with additional Yang Fire (which needs to be activated through a Harmony with Dog or Horse). It also carries some Yang Earth, but it’s not particularly strong due to the unsupportive season (Spring).


Harmony: Tiger belongs to the Fire Element structure, together with Horse and Dog. It has hidden Yang Fire which needs to be activated by a Horse or Dog.

Combination: Tiger and Pig combine together, increasing the Element of Yang Wood.

Clash: Tiger and Monkey are in a double clash. Yang Wood vs. Yang Metal, and Yang Fire vs. Yang Water.

Harm: Snake’s Yang Metal will try to control Tiger’s Yang Wood, while Tiger’s Yang Fire will try to control Yang Metal, creating Mutual Harm.