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Kanye’s love

Kanye West has been rather active lately on Twitter, after a long period of silence, and he stirred a lot of controversies, as usual. Kanye is known for his against-the-stream mentality, and he often declares himself as a free-thinker. He…

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Leaving on Top

Every Birth Chart consists of two parts, the Static Chart, which we are born with, and Dynamic Chart, which is continuously changing. So even if you have an excellent Static Chart, the dynamic part will make sure that you have…

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The storm is coming

Those following news from the US probably couldn't miss the latest mega story involving Trump and ex-porn star, Stormy Daniels. Apparently, Trump had an affair with her, and just before the elections, she got paid for silence. But the problem…

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Yang Earth (wu Earth 戊) Description And Qualities

Chinese New Year – Earth Dog

Hi everybody, long time no see, I know :-) I would like to apologize for neglecting this blog; it seems Ox month had quite an impact on me, reducing my weak Fire almost to zero, which caused massive writing blockage, and…

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