Talent Blueprint is a complete graphical presentation of your chart, including six modules and some additional features. You can see examples here.

On top of that, our expert will provide a written overview of your chart, go through each module, point out all the essential features, and answer your questions, which you will provide once the purchase is complete.

You will receive an email with a password-protected link to your report five working days after purchase.

  • Character Components – The basic foundation of your chart
  • Talents – Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Supertalents – Special chart features
  • Talent Bridge – Intensity and Efficiency
  • Qi Balance – Temperature of the chart (Warm vs. Cold)
  • Emotional Balance – Overview of your emotions based on inner organs
  • Master Element strength – Weak vs Strong
  • Five Elements – Overview of your Five Elements
  • Dynamic Luck – Looking several 10-year pillars into the future
  • An elaborate written by our expert explaining the main chart features
  • Addressing your specific questions
  • Seven days of free chat/email support in case you need additional clarification
  • Money back guarantee, valid seven days after delivery, no questions asked

A lot of companies use professional BaZi services in order to run their businesses more smoothly. Here are a few examples of how companies can use our analysis:

    • Corporations can use our services to improve hiring and clarify their employees’ talents and character traits. We can work closely with your HR department and analyze each case individually.
    • Venture Capitalists can use our information to choose startup founders with promising Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge to invest in.
    • In this digital age, the data is the king. Companies that handle large databases of users can use our API to upgrade their understanding of their customer base, helping you to improve the sales process and general ROI. We can hook you up with our API within minutes, providing data instantaneously for thousands of users.
    • Consultants and Life Coaches can use our analysis to extend their services and provide more value to their clients.

Please get in touch with us over chat to get more information.