WEALTH Character Component (Money & Sex drive)

(Also known as Wealth Structure in BaZi)

The WEALTH Component consists of Director and Pioneer Talents.

The WEALTH Component is all about being in control, specifically our ability to manage people, money, and situations. People with active WEALTH Component are result-orientated and very ambitious, competitive and confident. They like to focus on the present, the reality of now, making sure that things are under control and heading in the right direction. They love a challenge and strive for it. Because of their desire to be in control, they require freedom to be able to act according to their will. Often for them is quite hard to grasp some non-physical or supernatural concepts, preferring to keep their feet firmly on the ground and they prefer to execute ideas which are fact-based.

On a smaller scale, WEALTH Component can represent our ability to manage family and our daily jobs and situations. The person will be able to create balanced and realistic financial plans.

On a larger scale, we see WEALTH Component in action quite often in charts of top business managers, CEOs of big companies, leaders with hands-on management attitude. Because WEALTH Component is also tightly related to money management. WEALTH is a crucial component of every business manager.


  • Money management skills
  • People management skills
  • Efficient
  • Responsible
  • Confident
  • Initiative
  • Decisive
  • Hands-on approach

When WEALTH Component is at its brightest, the person will come across as someone who has excellent abilities in managing people, situations, money, and projects. They will know how to delegate and move everything progressively and efficiently. They will know the right balance between applying control and giving individuals the freedom to flourish. Under person who has bright WEALTH Component, every project will thrive.

People with WEALTH Component have natural inclination to gain control over situations, mostly because they believe they are capable of fixing problems and developing projects further, but also because they love a challenge and, if balanced, have a capacity for it. They have high standards, and they expect people to follow the same.

As a parent they will take control and will be a driving force of the family, using their knowledge and organizational skills.

At work, they work independently, able to take the lead, make decisions and work efficiently.


  • Control freak
  • Bossy
  • Workaholic
  • Micro-management
  • Demanding
  • Excessive sex-drive
  • Domineering
  • Possessive

When WEALTH Component is out of balance, it might react their negative traits, like being control freaks, impatient and often overlook important details. They might be bad-tempered and will not tolerate any foolishness around them. They might become furious when asked same questions over and over, or specific task keeps failing without sign of improvement.

As parents they might be somewhat dictatorial, perfectionists and emotionally demanding while at work they might be too controlling, aggressive, almost as a bully, impatient and judgemental.

WEALTH Component also represents sex drive (for men and women) and if it’s excessive, the person might be putting a lot of focus on sexual relationships, which in some cases can lead to addiction and serious health and mental issues.

When WEALTH Component is excessive, quite often it can react its most extreme and ugliest personality traits. In this case a person needs a lot of self-discipline and awareness to snap out of it; otherwise, it can be quite damaging for themselves, but also for people around.




Components often create connections between each other,we call these cooperations a Talent Bridge. These relationships are significant for the overall quality of the Talents and Supertalents, making them more useful and productive.

When WEALTH Component has a special connection with BODY, it represents a person’s ability to manage wealth, people and situations through a direct, hands-on approach. They are the ultimate managers, perfect for CEO roles.

A combination of WEALTH and INTELLECT will very likely result in person pursuing their own business, looking for financial independence, not working for somebody else.

Famous people

Famous people with strong and active WEALTH Component.

Richard BransonLance ArmstrongLady GagaHugh JackmanErdogan
Rupert MurdochSerena WilliamsFreddie MercuryNicolas CageJohn F. Kennedy
Pablo EscobarKobe BryantBob DylanEmma StoneEmmanuel Macron
Howard HughesUsain BoltNoel GallagherDenzel Washington
Jeff BezosJames LeBronNick CaveGeorge Clooney
Warren Buffett
Bill Gates
Larry Page
Mark Zuckerberg
Tim Cook

Find more famous people with strong WEALTH Component in our Superstar Database.


Suitable professions

Day to day management, CEO, any work which requires a firm hands-on approach.


  • Independent
  • Taking the lead
  • Efficient
  • Decisive


  • Controlling
  • Aggressive / Bully
  • Rash / Impatient
  • Judgmental
As parents


  • Head of the family, taking control
  • The driving force
  • Organised
  • Knowledgeable


  • Dictatorial
  • Perfectionist
  • Emotionally demanding
  • Workaholic

When WEALTH Component is completely missing from person’s chart, this person will lack management ability and will not perform well in tasks related to money and people management. If they do find themselves in that kind of situation, it will be over their heads; therefore it would be good to have next to them a good adviser who have this Talent to provide help in stressful situations.


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