Vivek Ramaswamy – Switching Lanes

Vivek Ramaswamy is one of the GOP candidates for the US president, known for his communication skills. I didn’t follow him closely, but I have seen his speeches on social media here and there. It always gave me an impression of a well-spoken, brilliant individual. Still, I never felt he was presidential material, so I decided to peek at his Chart.

He is a Yang Metal Master Element, featuring a classic entrepreneur chart that reminds me of Jeff Bezos‘ Chart (but Bezos has much better money luck). Vivek’s Chart is a classic business chart, and on top of that, he has two communication Supertalents, in the form of Yang and Yin Wood.

Dragon and Monkey are bringing Water structure, which, combined with Earth Element, builds a Creativity Talent Bridge, which means high creative abilities and intelligence.

Regarding his political ambitions, he would need Fire Element to bring him Power Component and Leadership Talent Bridge, but he has none, not even in his Dynamic Luck. So his campaign seems driven mainly by his communication skill and being more appealing to an educated crowd. I doubt he will be able to switch lanes from business to politics and obtain actual political power, which is necessary for such a high position.

It could be that the whole effort is to increase his general visibility, which will land him some other type of position and business opportunities, but I could be wrong. We don’t know his real motives; maybe he truly wants to bring more awareness to specific issues, but at one point will have to face the reality that his political ambitions are a bit far-fetched. He is intellectualizing social issues, but that is too high level for most people. What people want these days is a power struggle, a cage fight, in order to be entertained. Regardless of his good intentions, people like Vivek don’t have much chance in such a low-intellect, dog-eats-dog environment.

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