Independent, practical, hard-working, observant, organized, conservative, and egotistical.

Roosters are often somewhat eccentric but are always interesting and can be extremely brave. They are often alone, and although they give an impression of being adventurous, they are actually timid. Deep thinkers, capable and talented, like to be busy and are deeply disappointed if they fail. The Rooster is practically the epitome of loyalty and punctuality.

Before alarm clocks were invented, the Rooster’s crowing was used to wake people up. Another symbolic meaning of the Rooster is for exorcising evil spirits. They may experience difficult relationships, as they always think they are right. Rooster people’s emotions and fortunes are unstable and swing from very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken.


Roosters are considered to be bright, communicative, ambitious, capable, honest, and warm-hearted. Busy, organized, and devoted beyond their capabilities. Most Roosters are born good-looking and like to dress up and show off. They have strong self-respect and seldom rely on others. They have a lively mind and hot temper. Roosters want to lead and don’t tolerate slowness.


They are critical, narrow-minded, and vain and always think they are right. They ignore suggestions but like to lecture others. They can be enthusiastic about something but then lose interest. They are eccentric and have difficulty relating with others. They can be optimistic but selfish, caustic, and too outspoken.


Rooster represents the middle of autumn when Metal Element is the strongest; therefore, it carries only Yin Metal Element, which is at its peak.


Harmony: Rooster belongs to the Metal Element structure, together with Snake and Ox. When together in the chart, the Rooster will activate hidden Metal within the Snake or Ox.

Combination: Rooster and Dragon combine together, increasing the Element of Yin Metal.

Clash: Rabbit and Rooster are in a direct clash, which is essentially Yin Wood vs. Yin Metal.

Harm: Rooster and Dog are considered in a Mutual Harm relationship. Dog’s Yin Fire is trying to control Rooster’s Yin Metal.