BODY Character Component (Ego & Networking)

(Also known as Companion Structure in BaZi)

The BODY Component consists of Motivator and Competitor Talents.

A person with an active and balanced BODY Component is friendly and very good at networking. They tend to infiltrate any layer of society, as they are curious and love to meet people and create connections which they might use later in life. They have excellent social skills and love to please people, doing favors, and of course, receiving favors. They radiate with positive energy which can easily affect people around them.

On a smaller scale, the BODY Component can be manifested in our ability to gain friends easily and having a rather lively social life.

On a larger scale, top salesman or those circling high levels of society and maintaining contacts with rather powerful and influential people will very likely have strong BODY Component.

For most athletes, it’s almost impossible to have successful sports career without substantial BODY Component, especially in combat sports, like boxing or wrestling, or sports with a lot of physical contacts, like basketball or American football.

This Component can also represent our ability to gain followers and admires, therefore it’s often seen in charts of globally famous pop and rock stars.


  • Networker
  • Energetic
  • Inspiring
  • Social
  • Entertaining
  • Chatty
  • Team player
  • Spontaneous

When BODY Component is at its brightest, most functional and healthiest moments, the person will come across as very energetic, able to connect with people and inspire them through inspiring conversation and entertainment. They can mobilize groups and individuals and lead them to achieve greatness.

They have the ability to persuade people, therefore they make an excellent salesman. They recognize where the key powerful people are and they go straight to the center, making a direct connection, or using other connections to get where they want. They are also adventure driven, like to challenge themselves and are highly competitive. They love their freedom and are usually difficult to tame with routine and structured activities.

When they are balanced, they have a very healthy ego, the one which helps them achieve things for themselves but still taking care of others as well.

As parents, they have a tendency to treat their kids as friends, but they keep them always on the edge with various and endless activities. They know how to motivate kids and solve their problems.

At work, they come out as naturally born networkers, able to chat with ease. They are also very persuasive, team players and risk takers. They love to compete, and they are driven by other people’s success, continually trying to achieve more.


  • Big Ego
  • Arrogant
  • Manipulative
  • Power-hungry
  • Bad-mouth
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Unforgiving
  • Ruthless

People with unbalanced BODY Component might often manifest the opposite sides of their positive traits, mainly becoming manipulative and cunning. They have a tendency to use people only for their gain. Sometimes they show two sides of their character, confusing people of who they are. They get obsessed with strength, image, and reputation and often they will use their power excessively to get ahead of weaker people.

When BODY Component goes into the extreme mode, it will result in a person having a very difficult ego, unable to see things from other people’s perspective and always thinking that their way is the only way.

As parents, they might use rather extreme methods like emotional blackmail to gain control over kids or spouse. They get easily distracted and their parenting lacks structure, so it often happens that their plans fall apart.

At work, they can be extremely manipulative, scheming, egotistical, ruthless and disorganized.




Components often create connections between each other, we call these cooperations a Talent Bridge. These relationships are significant for the overall quality of the Talents and Supertalents, making them more useful and productive.

When BODY Component has a good connection with WEALTH, it represents a person’s ability to manage wealth, people and situations through a direct, hands-on approach. They are the ultimate managers, perfect for CEO roles.

A combination of BODY and POWER might make a person more willing to support and work for others, putting his or her needs aside.

Famous people

Famous people with strong and active BODY Component.

Donald TrumpCristiano RonaldoJay ZBenedict CumberbatchBarack Obama
Richard BransonLance ArmstrongMichael JacksonHugh JackmanTheresa May
Mark ZuckerbergLewis HamiltonRihannaJack NicholsonDonald Trump
Rupert MurdochUsain BoltKanye WestGwyneth PaltrowDr. Martin Luther King Jr
Larry PageMuhammad AliKurt CobainBrad PittHeinrich Himmler

Find more famous people with strong BODY Component in our Superstar Database.


Suitable professions

Due to their social nature, people with active BODY Component will be very good at marketing, PR, and sales. They work best in groups and are excellent delegators. Their natural born competitiveness makes them highly suitable for competitive sports.


  • Networker
  • Chatty
  • Persuasive
  • Team player
  • Risk-takers


  • Manipulative / Scheming
  • Egotistical
  • Ruthless
  • Disorganised
As parents


  • Friend to their kids
  • Activity orientated
  • Motivator
  • Problem solver


  • Emotional blackmailing
  • Distracted
  • Lacking structure

If a person doesn’t have BODY Component at all or is very weak, he or she might not be very good at socializing and building partnerships. Here are few character traits which might come up:

  • Poor social skills
  • Selfish (keeping wealth for themselves)
  • Big Ego
  • Solo player
  • A loner with no support and few friends
  • Self-dependent, individualistic with strong character
  • Depending on own skill, craft and service-type work for survival
  • No siblings or no good connection with them
  • Introvert, inactive, prefer quietness, not sociable, reclusive, prefers doing things alone and not through cooperation or partnership
  • Unwilling to seek help or making contacts with others
  • Not suitable to do sales, management or people-oriented business
  • Does not value friendship or family relationship
  • Rarely speaks, self-centered and shows no concern for others


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