Our Talent Blueprint is based on Five Element principles and their production/control cycles. The Qi Balance module follows the same dynamic but with a few adjustments. The Five Elements are divided into Warm and Cold Qi, with Fire and Wood belonging to Warm, and Water and Metal belonging to Cold Qi.

The Earth Element is a bit specific because it acts as a central balancing force, dividing it into Dry Earth and Wet Earth. As the names suggest, a Dry Earth lacks Water Element (hot desert), while a Wet Earth lacks the warmth of a Fire Element (frozen field).

Here is an example of a Qi Balance module.

In this case, the Warm Qi is dominant, and Fire and Wood Elements work together to produce heat. Water Element is non-existing, while Metal is only at 8%, due to the strong controlling influence of Wood and Fire. This information tells us that this person’s lungs (Metal) and kidneys (Water) might not work fully. Such disbalance could produce a chain reaction, affecting other organs and manifesting into physical illness.

Please be aware that an analysis of a person’s health based on date and time of birth has limitations. A direct, personal examination would provide us with far more information. Therefore our Blueprint health diagnosis should be taken lightly, and we encourage you to visit your doctor before making any decisions regarding the possible therapy.

You can also opt for our consultation session so that we can check your situation in more detail and connect you with various health practitioners who are working closely with us. For more information, please get in touch with us over the chat.