POWER Character Component (Career & Authority)

(Also known as Influence Structure in BaZi)

The POWER Component consists of Diplomat and Warrior Talents.

People with POWER Component have unique ability to unite people, and they speak of high values and principles. When POWER Component is well balanced, they have very easygoing nature; they are genuinely nice guys. They are very eager to please and bring balance and justice to a group of people or community. They thrive in calm and stable situations and they always try to find a way to minimize conflict, ensuring that everybody gets along.

On smaller scale POWER Component people have good and easy going nature and are the ones who always try to bring calm and peace to groups.

On large scale POWER Component is mainly noticeable with high-level politicians and influential people. It helps them rally people together around the same cause. POWER Component people also have a lot of interest in charitable activities and projects which are useful for humanity or designed to fix specific issues.

When POWER Component is strong people tend to be generally more politically and socially active, in any possible way.


  • Peacemaker
  • Diplomatic
  • Tolerant
  • Calm
  • Empathetic
  • Authoritative
  • Self-control
  • Non-interfering

When POWER Component is at its brightest, most functional and healthiest moments, the person will come across as someone who brings the balance into their surroundings. They have high diplomatic skills, and they know how to deal with people, bring peace and tolerance. They are compassionate and make people comfortable, no matter how difficult the situation is.

They fit very well in a designed game plan, like politicians who need structure and well-organized team around them to rally people around the cause and achieve goals. Without a structure POWER Component people are unable to adequately function; therefore they prefer working in large organizations which provides structure and conditions to grow. People who are focused on their careers within the company and are not so much interested in having their own business usually have a very active POWER Component.

When POWER Component is in a healthy state they will be idea mediators to help people to resolve conflicts and will not step on others to get on the top. They strive to work peaceably with others in order to get the job done and are not competitive. Their primary goal is the well-being of people around and those who depend on them. They try to keep themselves a low-key. To get a better picture, imagine a perfect politician, someone who genuinely cares about people, making sure that they grow as a group. That’s the type of person with healthy and active POWER Component.


  • Passive
  • Self-righteous
  • Self-denial
  • Submissive
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Avoids responsibilities
  • Resisting too change

When POWER Component is out of balance, they tend to react opposite traits, like lack of initiative, avoiding responsibilities, lack of drive. They will wait forever to receive instructions, not being able to move on their own. As long there is a plan they will move ahead, once it fails they get lost. They hate last minute changes and alterations. They avoid positions of power and decision-making because they are afraid they might offend others.

When POWER is in excessive, quite often people can react its most extreme and ugliest personality traits. In this case a person needs a lot of self-discipline and awareness to snap out of it, otherwise, it can be quite damaging for themselves, but also for people around.




Components often create connections between each other, we call these cooperations a Talent Bridge. These relationships are significant for the overall quality of the Talents and Supertalents, making them more useful and productive.

A person with a positive combination between POWER and OUTPUT will very likely be able to pursue a successful career, reach a high position in the corporate world, or become an influential political figure, all this followed by a positive image and ability to present themselves to the public.

A combination of POWER and BODY might make a person more willing to support and work for others, putting his or her needs aside.

Famous people

Famous people with strong and active POWER Component.

George SorosDavid BeckhamWhitney HoustonRobert Downey Jr.Bill Clinton
Howard HughesAyrton SennaElvis PresleyMichael FassbenderVladimir Putin
Michael BloombergMichael PhelpsBeyonceSteven SpielbergMichael Bloomberg
Bill GatesTom BradyMadonnaAngelina JolieHillary Clinton
Frank SinatraBenedict CumberbatchBarack Obama
Chris MartinMeryl StreepMargaret Thatcher
Jackie ChanEdward Snowden
Dwayne JohnsonGeorge W. Bush
Matthew McConaugheyJohn F. Kennedy
David Cameron

Find more famous people with strong POWER Component in our Superstar Database.


Suitable professions

Leadership, politics, diplomacy, charity, human resources, anything that involves people and working for a more significant cause.


  • Peacemaker
  • Harmonious
  • Stable / Reliable
  • Empathetic
  • Supportive


  • Passive / Lacks initiative
  • Sneaky (extreme charts)
  • Avoiding conflicts / Fear of confrontation
  • Fear of offending others
  • Lacks urgency
  • Indecisive
As parents


  • Involved
  • Committed
  • Patient
  • Tolerant
  • Balanced


  • Too relaxed
  • Disorganised
  • Too lenient / Can’t set boundaries

When a person is missing POWER Component entirely in their chart or is very weak, these character traits might show up:

  • Dislikes rules and restrictions – lawless, egoistic
  • More likely to become a gangster, robber and the like, due to lack of self-control
  • If working in the military or police, person is brave and fearless, not afraid of authority
  • Very unlikely to become government official
  • Likes self-employ type occupation and not public office
  • Male person has little or no karma
  • Male person has no bond with children, or they live far away from him
  • Female person has little or no karma
  • A female person has no good relationship with a husband. She is most likely energetically stronger than the male partner, which causes issues


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