Trump’s most challenging year

When Trump came to power, more or less unexpectedly, I marked 2020 as the most important year for his presidency. Trump went through an endless number of serious crises, from Russiagate, Muller report, sex scandals, Ukrainegate, impeachment, just to name a few, but he survived all of that, and honestly, I think 99,99% of us wouldn’t.

He showed a tremendous amount of resilience, and we explained this in his analysis.

2020 is specific because his chart is attacked on so many fronts. The Metal Rat year is Donald Trump’s ultimate enemy because it clashes his two Horses, harms the Goat and clashes Yang Wood. This means that his entire chart is in disarray and it will be really hard for him to grasp stability during the entire 2020. After unsuccessful impeachment, I naively thought that he will sail through the election year and win the second term in November, I just couldn’t imagine bigger trouble than impeachment, which he successfully absorbed, but obviously I underestimated how severely Metal Rat will affect him. Coronavirus brought a completely new set of challenges for him, it took everybody by surprise.

Rat vs Horse = Turbulences in economy

In Trump’s particular case Rat represents Water, which means money, therefore Rat vs Horse clash will affect the economy, because Trump is a leader of the country and his destiny reflects the country’s destiny, to a certain extent. Rat vs Goat represents harm, and because it’s his home branch, the harm is affecting him locally, which in this case means his country. This harm will also ruin his relationship with common people, so he will lose general support during this period.

On top of the Rat this year we have a Yang Metal, which is clashing his Yang Wood, which is probably the most important Element in his chart. His image and political influence will be greatly shaken by this particular clash.

Did you notice that Trump has very little trouble with foreign countries this year? It’s because his year pillar, Fire Dog, is unaffected, meaning that the main trouble to him will come locally, from Horse and Goat.

Coronavirus – The faceless enemy

The Coronavirus pandemic is turning into a major problem for him. People are in a state of panic, the economy is tanking and he is not handling the whole situation very well. He is essentially an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs mostly deal with people, either as customers, partners, competition, etc. Virus represents a type of threat that he never encountered before, and his approach is very much entrepreneurial, which is not appropriate for the situation.

He is reacting like a typical salesman, by being overly optimistic and cutting corners on important information and data, which really annoys people. When he does that with the stock market most people can turn a blind eye, but when he does it with an actual pandemic, it freaks people out, and rightly so.

So overall speaking, his chances to win the second term in November has been spoiled, but the good news for him is that neither Biden or Sanders are not looking strong enough to beat him, so I still believe that Trump will come victorious out of this, but most likely badly wounded, especially on the image side. It’s only March, so it will be a long year for Trump, America, and for the rest of the world.

Regarding particular months, Horse, Goat and Rat months will be crucial for him (June, July, and December). He needs to get this pandemic under control rather soon because if it gets worse during summer than his reelection chances will drop significantly. 

Personally I believe that the situation will calm down rather soon. China already has it under control, and it’s just a question of time when the rest of the world will see a drop in numbers.

Stay safe.

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