The Rise and Fall of Evil

Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S33882 / Unknown / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons

Human character traits are complex, a result of layers and layers of various inputs. Five Element chart is one of those layers, and it’s extremely important, but our genetic also plays a major role.

Adolf Hitler’s parents were very closely related, which from a genetic point of view is pretty bad. His mother gave birth to six children, three of them died at birth, two were mentally disabled, only Adolf was, seemingly, normal.

This tells us that from a genetic point of view, Adolf Hitler was a bad egg, right from the start.

The birth chart gives us another layer of information, a view at the tools and skills he possessed and used to come to power and became what is now known as the number one evil guy in the history of mankind.

He was born as Yang Fire Master Element. In his chart, we will notice a strong presence of Earth, which acts as Output Component, and the solid presence of Wood, which acts as Intellect Component. These two Components, when working together, represent a high level of intelligence, ability to learn and process information.

Yang Fire people are specific because of their formidable nature at an early age. If they are put on a right, positive path from the early beginning, they will follow that path with conviction. But if they are brought up in a negative environment, they will expand on it and there is not much parents or surrounding can do to correct them. When Yang Fire chooses a negative path, they have a tendency to become brutal, more than any other Master Element.

The Earth Element is essential in his chart, and such strong Output, without Power Component to counteract it, represents rebel behavior. From a young age he showed disobedience towards any kind of authority, he even ended up in prison because of the failed coup he organized, before becoming the German chancellor.

The Output also represents the ability to speak, present ideas. He was known for his powerful, energetic speeches, through which he managed to lure millions of people into a global bloodbath. This Output Component gave him almost a hypnotic power over people. Output, when fully functional, also represent people who work for you, acting as an extension, helping the person to execute ideas. His Earth was massive, therefore we are talking about a lot of people.

We are talking about so many people that he could build an army. Which he did.

The Water Element is weak in his chart, which means that he had a tendency to control authority using his Output Component. He used military force to gain control over Germany, and later over most of Europe.

His chart wasn’t that great until 1924 when he entered Water period. This was a key Element which made his Earth very active, and he was finally able to acquire Power using his Output Component. From 1934 the Water Element became even stronger, but his Earth had enough capacity to control it, therefore his political power grew.

In 1944 he entered the Dog period, which clashed his Dragon, the Water Element became suddenly much weaker, his entire month pillar was under clash, dismantling his Power structure completely. At that point, he was already losing the war and also control of his own country and close assistants. He committed suicide one year later after realizing that the war is lost. 

His entire life he had this thirst for Power (Earth wanting Water), and during 20 years he got that power, wreaking havoc throughout the world, leaving millions and millions of casualties behind.

As we can see, the deadly combination of bad genetics, obvious mental illness, and power-hungry Chart made him an extremely powerful and dangerous person. It’s quite shocking to think if he was born one day earlier that most likely he would never rise to power. Maybe that wouldn’t stop the war itself, sometimes these things have life on their own and do not depend on one single person, but without Hitler, the nature of the war would be much different, that is for sure.

Unfortunately, we will never find out what if, unless we figure out how to create parallel realities, which would be a fantastic experiment, don’t you agree?

Ending on a positive note

Just for fun, we decided to look for a person with a similar chart as Hitler, and we found one, 60 years later, and his name is Patrick Hernandez. His birth hour is different, so this is not an ideal comparison, but it gives us an idea of how different genes can lead to a different path, regardless of our Chart. Hernandez was a French singer who became famous with the song Born To Be Alive.

Let that sink.

On one hand, we have a person responsible for the deaths of millions of people, while on another hand we have a man who became globally famous for writing a song which celebrates life. Hernandez used his Output and creative abilities to create music. It’s also quite likely that his genetic is of far better quality than Hitler’s, resulting in a completely different path and attitude towards life. Also, Hitler’s toxic surrounding at an early age and participation in World War 1 shaped his personality in a huge way.

And what is also interesting (but of course not surprising from BaZi point of view), the peak of his career was when he entered the Water period, same as Hitler. He entered Water 1979, and that year he received a gold record award for his Born To Be Alive.

So let’s finish this disturbing topic on a positive note, and celebrate life.

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