Coronavirus update – May 2020

As we warned in our previous posts, in March and April, Dragon month provided significant support to the development of Coronavirus, which is driven by Element of Water. We saw peaks in death tolls in many countries, in the USA and UK got particularly bad during the last few weeks.

Today we entered the Metal Snake month, which in theory should provide some kind of a relief because Snake’s Fire can dampen Rat’s Water, at least on the paper. Metal on top of the Snake is a bit problematic because it makes Snake less effective, so it’s a big question of how efficient this particular Snake can be against rather intense Water energy, which comes with Metal Rat.

Metal Snake is also particularly challenging for those who have a Wood Pig pillar in their charts, so be aware of that.

In any case, we are far from reaching a safe zone; in approximately 30 days, we will enter Horse month, which will be a major challenge for most of us, but mainly for those with Horse, Rat, or Goat in their charts. We will talk more about that once we enter the month of June. Until then, take care of your health, and don’t forget to join our weekly free Live Energy Sessions, which are specially designed to support you during these challenging times. We had a lot of fun doing these sessions, so don’t be shy and join us on the weekends, you won’t regret.

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