November cliffhanger – Corona, Trump, Biden and all that jazz…

So, we made it to November hurray 😅. We thought this month would offer more clarity regarding the situation in the USA, but we got more drama instead. Quite typical for 2020.

Water months, Pig and Rat, represent the peak of 2020 due to Water dominance; therefore, our troubles are far from over. The US elections will obviously drag further, and if it goes into Rat month, it might get really daring.

It’s not an easy year for Trump (check our earlier analysis); the Fan Yin on his month pillar is shaking his position really hard; he is literally hanging on a thread at the moment. Will he prevail? Hard to say, but honestly, I can’t picture him conceding, and he does have this uncanny ability to bend reality, so I think everything is possible at this stage. To win, he needs to drag this situation all the way to February; if technically and legally possible, then things might turn in his favor.

Joe Biden also has issues with his chart this year. The Rat vs. Horse clash is damaging his career and son; therefore, he was battling with Hunter Biden scandal the entire year. He is a weak and rather flawed candidate while his mental agility is in decline, so he will have to rely on his team to resolve this situation. That doesn’t bode well for his potential presidency in general. I believe that America deserves something better, something with more substance.

As we predicted, Coronavirus made a comeback in November, and things will probably get worse in Rat month, so be careful. This entire year is one big sh*tshow, but those who are on a path of light will use it as an opportunity for growth. If you succumb to fear and chaos, mostly peddled by untrustworthy news media, it won’t be easy.

We have to understand that the whole political system is rigged, and they want us to fight; they want division. Everything you see on media, from Corona to Trump, is designed to provoke negative emotions, to keep us in a state of fear and emergency. When we are in such a state, then we are controllable.

I always tell everybody that the key to a balanced life is to understand and accept contradictions. We see now two sides, both with their fair share of arguments, and both these sides can be right and wrong, AT THE SAME TIME. 

I know it’s very confusing, and that’s why the situation is so dangerous because the truth is fickle, so people are easily manipulated. This confusion will probably continue throughout 2021, so we have to put some real effort into reducing conflict with people we disagree with. We have to find a way to settle our differences and accept different views. Being conservative or liberal is like having a preference between red and blue color. It’s just that, a preference, there is no absolute truth which color is the correct one. But when you mix colors, you can get a wonderful and beautiful pallet of colors, and that’s what life is about. It’s about our ability to accept the full pallet of life, in any shape and form.

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