Coronavirus update

As you all probably know, the Coronavirus is slowly turning into a substantial threat, so we decided to add a few pieces of information from the Five Element point of view. 

Generally speaking, viruses prefer cold environments. This year we have a Metal Rat, which is one of the coldest pillars possible (Cold Metal producing Yin Water), so from the Elements point of view, conditions are almost perfect for a virus. Metal being on top means that Metal related illnesses will be more active. Metal Element represents the lungs, which is the organ that is most affected by Coronavirus.

There is a hope that by the summer, the Coronavirus will lose its momentum. In a few days, we are entering the Earth Rabbit month, and after that Metal Dragon, both months are still hazardous. Especially I would point out Metal Dragon, which will increase the Water structure significantly. 

In May, we will enter Metal Snake, its Yang Fire might help, and hopefully, by the end of summer, the virus will be under control. If not, then we can expect an escalation in August, with the Wood Monkey month, which again will increase the Water structure.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any data to see from the chart point of view what type of person is susceptible to this particular virus, but if you know somebody who is affected, please send us their dates, we will check it out and publish any findings in this blog.

We assume that those individuals with dirty Metal and Water in their charts might be more affected, but it’s hard to say without looking at particular cases. Wood and Fire are particularly useful here to counter Metal and Water.

When it comes to practical advice, I guess most of you know the drill, wash your hands, avoid public places, eat healthy, cleansing food, and what is most important, drink a lot of hot water. Hot water will keep your body temperature high, making it harder for the virus to catch on.

Stay safe.


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