Coronavirus update – April 2020

Coronavirus is unfortunately still in a full swing. As we predicted, April might be a quite difficult month, due to the strong Water structure initiated by Dragon month and Rat year. Particularly, it will be a Metal Dragon month, which means the Water structure will be extremely strong.

Coronavirus originated during Water months (November / December 2019) and went global at the beginning of the Rat year. Such a timeline clearly tells us that this particular virus is harnessing power from Water Element and cold environment, therefore we have to observe the Water cycle in order to predict its peaks and a possible end of the pandemic. A well-respected Master Tsai offers more technical details about this particular dynamic.

Dragon month also brings Earth Element, so we might see a lot of efforts to physically isolate and gain control of the virus, the same way as Earth controls the direction of the Water. The results will be questionable though because this particular year, Metal Rat, is bringing exceptionally strong Water, energized by Metal Element.

Hopefully, Fire months, Snake and Horse, will bring the virus down, at least temporarily. Monkey month (August) might reignite its power and push it into Water months. Hopefully, that will not be the case, mostly because of the economy, which is already now, after a few weeks of heavy lockdowns, counting record-breaking losses and unprecedented unemployment.

Summer should give us enough time to prepare, so even if the virus does come back, I believe it will not be with full strength and that governments will have systems ready to fight it off.

Horse month (June) might bring us some other challenges though. The Horse is in a direct clash with Rat, so whatever this year is ought to bring us, it will be manifested most likely during the Horse month. It might not be Coronavirus related, at this point is hard to see what that might be, but it will be Fire related. Those people who have heart issues should be especially careful.

Rat month (December) will bring more challenges, by amplifying the negative influence of the Metal Rat.

So, to summarize, in front of us is one more long, dreadful month, we will have to continue doing a lot of adjustments and tighten our hygiene and social distancing practices.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves, this is a good time to reset our priorities and maybe try something new. Jobs will be lost, businesses will be closed, but human spirit can’t be tamed, and I’m sure we will find our way out of this dark and uncomfortable place we are currently in.

Those who are generally positive in life will see this whole situation as a gigantic opportunity, which I believe it is, and not just on an individual level. This is an opportunity for the whole Earth to get rid of old, outdated, unnatural concepts and start fresh.

We shouldn’t waste our time reading negative news and having gloomy thoughts. We will be out of this trouble soon, and those who are prepared will have a head start into a new life.

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