Sex addiction – The Ashley Biden case

Sex addiction develops from a constant need for mental or physical stimulation, and it’s often coupled with alcohol or drug addictions because they are based on the same principle.

Recently I saw in the news the story about Biden’s daughter, Ashley, who wrote in her diary about her sex addiction issues, and it was well known that she was also misusing drugs.

When it comes to BaZi, sex addiction is mainly manifested through two setups. The first setup is when the Body and Wealth Components are excessive, and that particular dynamic dominates the chart. The second setup is Pioneer Talent showing up in stems, and it acts negatively.

Ashley Biden has both setups in her chart. She is a Yin Fire Master Element, so her Body Component is Fire, while Wealth is Metal, and these two Elements are 90% of her chart, so the dynamic between them is intense.

When acting negatively, Pioneer Talent forces us to seek mental and physical stimulation; basically, we can’t relax unless we do something stimulating, and even that peaceful period doesn’t last very long.

There are also speculations that her father was indecent towards her, and although the chart should never be used as proof, the fact that Wealth Element represents her father, I’m inclined to believe that those stories are somewhat true, or at least that there was some kind of unpleasant friction between them. The relationship with her father is definitely not smooth; we can claim this clearly.

But again, we can’t use BaZi charts as proof, they can only be used as an indicator of probability, and in this case, the likelihood is very high.

Practically, there are only two Elements in her chart, Fire and Metal, while Wood gets consumed and diminished in this combination. Wood represents her health, so it shows us that her health is heavily affected due to this excessive behavior and constant need for stimulation.

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