Jim Carrey’s dark side

Last week we wrote about Jose Mourinho, and his career troubles, caused by unfavorable Dynamic Pillar. Jim Carrey is another example with similar chart issues which we would like to elaborate.

When I was young Jim Carrey was my favorite comedian, I simply loved his goofy, energetic performances, but then again, who didn’t? He made a lot of classic movie hits, but one which really sticks out for me is the Liar, Liar, a movie which offers the best possible comedy plot, a lawyer who is not able to lie, due to a spell. That movie cracks me up every time, and I watch it every few years.

In 90s Jim Carrey was on top of his game, producing movie after movie, hit after hit, but lately, his career got a bit sidetracked, we didn’t see a blockbuster from him for many years. He also started to behave quite strangely and conflicting, which made him unattractive and too risky for big movie studios.

Now let’s see, what we can find out about his chart.

He is born as Yin Wood Master Element, and first what we noticed is that all his Elements are of Yin polarity. Just this piece of information tells us that this is one very unusual, out of balance chart. There are two Talents, Warrior and Pioneer, which belongs to, how I call it, odd club. These two Talents usually bring to a person unusual, out of ordinary behavior, and his chart is basically 70% just those two Talents, therefore the oddity of this chart is extremely high. Jim Carrey is a type of person who will show unexpected and usual character traits in most situations.

Pioneer is exceptionally strong, providing him with energetic, somewhat hectic behavior. Warrior is in a constant clash with Yin Wood ME, therefore he doesn’t handle authorities very well. He is a person who wants to remain free and independent, no matter what.

During his prime time, he was going through the Fire Rooster period (1996-2006), which had a positive impact on his Metal element, and boosted his Output Component, in the form of  Artist Talent. That setup worked pretty well during Fire Monkey period as well (2006-2016), but then he entered a Wood Goat period which threw his Chart completely out of balance. Yin Wood was attacking both of his Yin Metal, and Goat was in a clash against both Oxen. Basically, 3/4 of his chart was under attack, which is not pleasant at all.

Since he entered that period his behavior changed rather drastically. From being goofy and funny he became dark and conflicting. He got extremely political since 2016, using his cartoons and Twitter to attack Donald Trump and the current administration. He is taking more darker roles, and these are probably caused by overly strong Earth Element, it’s like he has been swallowed by a hole in the ground. With such an extreme clash involving Earth and Wood (which also represents his Master Element), this is a likely scenario. 

One of the main issue in his chart is weak Fire Element, which represents Output Component. For an actor, the Output is essential, it’s quite hard to build a positive, outgoing image without it. Between 1996 and 2016 he had Fire, through Dynamic Chart, but once that Fire was gone, the Yin Metal became uncontrolled and Chart generally far less effective.

He is still active and creative in many fields, from acting, movie producing to paintings, but this is not the same Jim Carrey we know, it’s far more serious and more prone to conflicts. Due to lack of Output, his public voice and general audience reach are weaker. The good thing is that he became quite spiritual during this period, it’s something that usually happens when we are facing difficult periods. He managed to fight off his depression, gave up on medication and basically healed himself mentally without the use of any substance, which is quite impressive. It shows us that he has very strong will power, despite all the troubles he is experiencing currently.

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