Jose’s troubles

José Mourinho

Дмитрий Голубович [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Jose Mourinho is one of the best football (soccer, for US readers) coaches in the last 15 years or so. He won several UEFA Champions Leagues and Coach Of The Year rewards. He is known for his brash mentality and conflicting nature, towards opponents, but also towards his own players. 

He is a strong Yin Earth Master Element, born in Ox month when Earth Element is strong. This Yin Earth is surrounded by a decent amount of Fire, providing support. This tells us that he has a good capacity to handle the creative and controlling process. The key combination in his chart is cooperation between Fire and Metal, which for Yin Earth person represents intelligence, creativity, and ability to learn. This is pretty much a perfect setup for a coach, therefore we are not surprised to see that he is such excellent strategist, and he proved that many times, on the football pitch.

He also has a striving Pioneer Talent, which means that he is very innovative, able to experiment and implement new ideas. Pioneer also gives him this fast, energetic mentality, so it’s never boring with Jose Mourinho, due to this unpredictable character trait.

A solid Water, controlled by Fire and Earth means that his money luck is very good as well. Altogether, this is a very good chart, all components are active and playing their roles, almost perfectly.

Until 2015 Mourinho had a very fruitful career when he won his last title with Chelsea. After that, his team started to show certain weaknesses, and after a bad season during 2016, he got fired. He went to Manchester United, but even there he wasn’t very successful, despite having almost an endless budget for players, so he got fired again.

Last few years teams under his management were not playing well, and he was entering into conflicts basically with everybody, from players to club owners and fans. He was showing a lot of nervousness and something was definitely off in his case.  

We looked into his Dynamic Chart, to find clues for this sudden change in his efficiency and overall success. What we found wasn’t pretty.

Since 2016 Mourinho is in Dynamic period of Yin Earth Goat. This pillar completely clashed his most important pillar, Yin Water Ox, breaking the most important combination between Fire and Metal, and disturbing his Pioneer Talent. His entire Chart has been compromised, and it affected his career at a large scale. 

He keeps getting new contracts and offers, because clubs are trying to buy old Mourinho and his magic touch, but that Mourinho is not there at the moment. 

This is a great example of how Dynamic Chart can ruin a perfect Static Chart, wreaking havoc in a person’s career. The difficult period will last for at least 7 years more, but on some years might be less damaging, on some years more, so his career will fluctuate. It will be interesting to observe how he will handle this sudden discrepancy, especially because he is (most likely) not aware of this problem, so he will keep looking for various excuses and continue throwing blame on everybody else, except himself.

If he would be aware of this issue, the impact would be far less damaging. Just with our understanding of the situation, we are able to melt big problems into small problems, and eventually small problems, into no problem at all. If we are not aware of the issue, we react blindly, and probably causing even more damage.

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