Dave Chappelle – The Power of Water

Dave Chappelle is one of the most prominent stand-up comedians, with a career spanning over 20 years. By default, his chart is rather cold, Metal and Wet Earth surround the Yang Water Master Element.

These two Elements, Water and Metal, need to be utilized for him to become creative and achieve fame and money with that creativity. The Metal Element is very strong in the career pillar (month), and it represents his Intellect Component, so a lot of intellectual power needs to be put to work. The Water Element represents his power of networking, leading, and inspiring the masses. Two Water Elements at the top and the Monkey + Dragon combo indicate that his Water is extremely strong and fluid.

Dave was very fortunate with his Dynamic Luck, though. Practically since 1988, he has been in a Fire or Wood period. Fire creates an Entrepreneurship Talent Bridge, bringing him money luck, and general business aspirations. In 2018 he entered a Wood period which made him quite influential due to an established Leadership Talent Bridge between Wood and Earth Element. Therefore we can see that he is becoming more political, and his work is less about business and more about activism.

Undoubtedly, his power and influence will only grow, although the Wood Tiger period, from 2028, might bring some challenges to him due to a Fan Yin clash between his month pillar and Dynamic Luck, but due to general chart strength, he might be able to withstand that clash without major issues.

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