The Hollywood’s darling, Jennifer Lawrence

Every actor or actress has their own acting style, which in most cases reflects their character traits, and of course, BaZi chart. With Jennifer Lawrence, there is a theme repeating in most of her movies, which is empathy and strong care for others. A good example is Hunger Games where she continuously sacrifices herself, for the goods of others.

Jennifer Lawrence is a Yang Water Master Element with rather a strong Yang Metal in her chart, which represents Philosopher Talent. People with this Talent are often very much attuned to their emotions, and they base their decisions according to their feelings.

Philosopher also represents the mother, and in her role, we often see that her primary role is to protect mother (Red Sparrow). She also made a movie called Mother, which shows how much this topic is important to her.

When it comes to the rest of her chart, the Metal is rather busy, which is very important when Element is strong. Water is also very strong in her chart, therefore her Master Element can withstand Fire and Earth easily. The Wood Element, which represents her OUTPUT Component, is playing a very important role in reducing the excessive Water and Metal, and at the same time providing her with creative, artistic abilities. She has a solid and very active Competitor Talent, therefore she inclines towards movies with a strong competitive theme, like Hunger Games or Red Sparrow.

From 2013 she is in a Snake period, which combines with her two Monkeys, boosting her Pioneer Talent, and with it her career and money luck. She even won the Oscar that year, right at the the beginning of her lucky period. Jennifer has a solid, stable chart, making her strong-minded and independent, and we are sure that her career will blossom in coming years.