Oscars 2019 – Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody)

Rami Malek won the Oscar yesterday for the best actor, well deserved, I would say. I’m a big Queen fan, and when I heard a few years ago that they are planning to make a movie about Freddie Mercury, I was a bit skeptical.

Freddie Mercury is such a unique personality, energetic, flamboyant, excessive, totally over the top, at least while he is on stage. In private he was actually quite shy. I honestly thought that there is no single person on earth with such charisma, energy and physical similarities who could pull this role off.

Rami Malek was the second choice, after Sascha Baron Cohen dropped out of the project, mostly due to his controversial image, so remaining Queen band members didn’t want to risk the high-budget movie with him. 

Rami is born as Yang Metal Master Element (Freddie was Yang Water, here is his case study). Freddie’s key chart features were his Pioneer Talent and Yang Fire Element. These two gave him the energy and sexual drive, which he is loaded with.

Rami has also a solid Pioneer and strong Yang Fire. His chart setup is different but Rami does possess this intense and slightly obsessive personality, which we also saw in his Mr. Robot TV series. Rami is physically a bit weaker than Freddie and doesn’t have such strong sexual drive as Freddie did, but he managed to compensate that with his acting skills and hard work, so in the end, it turned out quite good.

Rami also have Warrior and Competitor Talents, which adds to his intense personality and acting style. One of the key Talents though is the Performer, which acts as Supertalent. This Talent is presented by Yin Water, which is the key Element in his chart, regulating strong Fire, acting as output for Metal and supporting Wood.

He is currently in an Ox period, which utilizes perfectly his Snake and Rooster branches. Thanks to the Ox period this is one superb chart, at its peak performance, so no surprise that he collected many rewards recently for his acting skills. He can expect another 15 years of smooth sailing in show business, his skills will remain fully functional during this period.

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