Jonah Hill – Setting Boundaries

This will be a short post, just a quick reaction to the drama happening around Jonah Hill and leaked texts that he wrote to his ex-girlfriend.

In those texts, he sets up certain boundaries; some people agree with him, and some find them controversial or even misogynistic. It’s not my goal here to make a moral judgment but to find how these thoughts and ideas are reflected in his chart.

He is a very strong Yang Water Master Element, with a lot of Water in his chart. There is a Horse (Fire) in his day Branch, which represents his relationships. This Water is clearly controlling weak Fire Element, which means he tends to be a bit of a control freak regarding relationships. I can imagine that women feel overwhelmed too, when in a relationship with him.

Excessive Yin Water also means that, naturally, he has a lot of competition in his love life. That clash between Horse and Rat is essential in order to understand his mindset regarding relationships. The clash usually means that in that particular area, like in this case, relationships, things are not very smooth.

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