High-Octane Tom

Tom Cruise is one of the few remaining blockbuster actors, with a career now spanning over 40 years, and still able to pull big movie hits.

He is primarily known for fast-paced, high-octane action roles that often involve many risks. He is known to do most of the stunts, like in the last Top Gun movie, where he flew military planes, for real. 

He is a typical “larger than life” actor, able to deliver movie entertainment of the highest class and size. 

Tom Cruise is born as Yang Water Master Element but surrounded by a heavy Fire and sturdy Yang Wood.

Even visually, this chart is beautiful, with a Fire in the middle, supported by solid Wood on the sides. The image alone looks like an open fire. The chart is very simple, and those are usually the best.

We wrote several times about how there is unique friction between Yang Water and Yang Fire, giving the person unusual physical or mental speed and sex appeal. He has double interaction between Yang Fire and Yang Water, so these character traits are rather evident in his case.

The biggest weakness in his chart is the lack of Water and Metal Elements. By default, his chart is too hot.

But the secret is in his Dynamic Luck. Since 1974 his chart has been going either through a Metal period or a Water period, like this moment. So his excessive Wood and Fire are well utilized pretty much all the time. Utilized Fire brings him wealth, while utilized Wood brings him creative abilities.

A simple chart, simple setup, yet very powerful and highly efficient.

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