Leaving while on the top

Daniel Day-Lewis Berlinale 2008Every Birth Chart consists of two parts, the Static Chart, which we are born with, and Dynamic Chart, which is continuously changing.

So even if you have an excellent Static Chart, the dynamic part will make sure that you have ups and downs, no matter what. It also works vice versa, so if you have a not so great Chart, the dynamic part might bring you a period in life where you will have a better chance to be successful.

Because of this dynamic, every person suffers from ups and downs, no matter how successful they are. A lot of movie actors might have only a period of 5 to 10 years where their career takes off, for some, it might be even shorter. It’s quite rare to see a movie star with 50 or more years in a highly creative period, although in some rare cases it might happen.

Therefore it’s essential for every person, in every profession to know when is their time to look for a gracious exit.

One great example is the early retirement of Daniel Day-Lewis, one of the greatest and most rewarded actors of our time.

Daniel was mulling over about his retirement for quite some time, but after his last movie, The Phantom Thread, he finally made a tough decision.

The thing is, if person’s Chart is in highly productive mode, one would never think about retirement. The reason why people start to think about it is that their Chart became less efficient, and they can feel that.

Daniel Day-Lewis is a Yin Metal Master Element. Yin Metals are often highly sensitive people, but his excessive Mind Component adds even more to that sensitivity. People with extreme Mind Component are often eccentric, especially if Creativity Component is missing, like in his case.

Earth Element represents Mind Component for Daniel Day-Lewis, while Water represents Creativity. A strong Earth without Water to control can be quite problematic. He mentioned in his last interview that he feels extremely sad, which is one of the key character traits for a static, unused Earth. For an actor, a Creativity Component is quite essential. It represents output, a connection with an audience. Without Water, he probably doesn’t feel comfortable to put himself out there.

I would recommend to all of you to watch his movie, There Will Be Blood, to understand better how a combination of excessive Earth and Mind Component works. The very first scene in the movie, with him being deep underground, digging for oil, shows us his emotional state, which has a lot to do with fighting and conquering darkness, hence his depression and sadness issues.

His static Chart lacks Water, and in 1984 he entered a Water season, with its peak between 1994 and 2013. During these years his popularity and demand for acting were at its peak. Exactly at the end of his good period, he won his last Oscar for the role in Lincoln movie.

After that he entered a period of Earth and Fire, Water Element was gone, causing various problems, from depression to lack of creative drive.

Daniel seems well attuned to his own emotions and state of mind, so he obviously noticed that something is wrong and decided for early retirement. Of course, he is not aware, most likely, what is a real cause of this, but it seems he is doing a right thing to deal with it.

He could go on for sure another ten years in show business like many do, cash checks on previously earned fame and glory, but he decided for a dignified exit, making sure that his legacy remains strong. He struggled with his popularity entire career. A dominant Mind Component usually means that person prefer privacy and quiet environment, where one can indulge in intellectual work and self-reflection.

I’m sure a man of his power and influence will be able to find some other ways to contribute and explore life, just that won’t be anymore more through big screens.

He gave us his best years, not much else we can ask him, so we should be thankful for his contributions.

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