Emily Blunt – Beautifully Simple

When it comes to BaZi charts, simplicity rules and simplicity is also beautiful.

Simplicity means that the chart has a clean flow of Elements. It has a goal and the means to obtain that goal.

Emily Blunt’s chart is a perfect example. She is a Yang Water Master Element, supported by a strong Water pillar (year). This Water Element produces a lot of Wood (month), which is entirely undisturbed (no Earth, no Metal), and it has only one objective, Fire production.

Therefore, she uses her Output (Creativity, acting skills) to produce Wealth. Qi-wise, the chart is nicely balanced between cold and warm Elements as well. 

The chart is beautiful, and that often reflects in physical persona. Emily Blunt is gorgeous, but she also carries a lot of authority and physical stamina. The Output Component gives her commanding abilities (she seeks creative freedom), while strong Yin Water makes her very competitive; therefore, she likes taking on action roles, as in this fantastic movie.

Her physicality and need for physical expression also show through her Dominance Talent Bridge, which is quite intense (strong Water controlling strong Fire).

She is currently in a very supportive Dynamic Luck as well. Yang Earth plays well with her Yin Water, bringing her fame and power through Power Component, while Horse combines with Tiger, bringing her more Fire (Money/Wealth Component).

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