The Climax

2020, governed by Metal Rat, is definitely a memorable year, probably the only sure thing. Everything else is up in the air.

Yesterday we probably had the climax of all this craziness, with turbulence in the US Congress, and finally, Trump accepting defeat, publicly.

Personally, I believe that the elections in November were incredibly sketchy, and nothing is reassuring or transparent about them. Trump had every right to question the results, but his style was a bit overwhelming for the nation. In the end, he had to give up to calm things down.

But it’s hard to imagine the situation calming down. Half of Americans don´t have any trust in institutions, from media to elections, and those problems won’t go away, even if they’ve got rid of Trump.

Biden doesn’t have that charisma or energy to unite people either; it’s almost guaranteed that he will be one of the least popular presidents ever. Republicans loath him, while Democrats can barely stand him, knowing that he is a flawed candidate.

Trump had it coming, though. The Fan Yin between Metal Rat and his Wood Horse in the month branch was too big of an obstacle for him to overcome. During the entire year, he was under fire, and finally, was defeated. But even if he somehow managed to survive and get that second term, the whole process would have wounded him severely, in a political context.

We still have one more month in this Rat year, the Earth Ox month, bringing us frozen soil, so still, not much warmth while Water Element is dominating.

Metal Ox year is approaching, with its own set of problems, but more about that in February.

So, stay safe, don’t get too much involved in daily politics; it’s all designed to keep us divided; we shouldn’t go along with that.

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