General Michael Flynn’s legal troubles

Those who follow US politics are probably familiar with the current drama going on around Michael Flynn, a retired United States Army lieutenant general, who briefly worked for Trump administration, but got fired and prosecuted after caught (allegedly) lying to Vice President Pence. The whole thing was the center of the more significant drama which was going on with Mueller’s report and accusations that Trump is a Russian asset. 

It turns out that Flynn was innocent and that left-leaning politicians and rogue FBI agents were trying to frame him just to hurt Trump.

Politics aside, I took a look to see why general Flynn attracted such explosive legal problems. He is a Yin Wood, a rather strong one. Yang Wood represents Competitor Talent to him, meaning that he has a very competitive personality, which is a good character trait for a military career.

The Wood Rat pillar in his chart represents his career, which got clashed once he entered the Metal Horse period in 2013. Such clash often represents a loss of a job (which he did lose), but because Metal Element is involved, it also poses potential legal troubles for Yin Wood Master Element.

Yin Wood people are famous though for their ability to handle legal troubles better than any other Element. Yin Wood combines and embraces Yang Metal, avoiding damage that way. The current Rat year also provided support for him to fight off the nasty Horse; therefore, he was able to push back and get free during this year.

A happy end for General Flynn and Trump supporters who rallied behind him since day one.

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