What is happening to us?

We are slowly approaching this season’s finale; are you not entertained by now?

2020 will be remembered as the critical point in human history, The Great Reset, as many call it now. It all started with COVID, in January / February, right at the beginning of this troubled Metal Rat year. The world went into chaos; the lockdowns were implemented, the economy was plummeting. During the summer, we had riots all over the USA, while the drama of the US election was running in the background all the time, now reaching its peak.

We have been warning many times that the Rat month will be the most crucial this year and will bring many turbulences. The stage is pretty much set, with new lockdowns, further economic decline, and a rather dire situation with presidential elections in the US, which almost certainly won’t be resolved during December.

Whatever we experienced during 2020  will be multiplied during the Rat month, beginning on 7th December, so better be ready.


Let’s look at the bigger picture of why all this is happening now, and why with such intensity? There are several layers and factors, the first being the Metal Rat, which on its own is a troubling constellation. Another layer is the fact that we are moving from Period 8 to Period 9. The old Feng Shui and BaZi books say that the new period starts in 2024, but I heard some compelling evidence that the timing is most likely off and that Period 9 starts now, in 2020. You can read more about this theory here.


But on top of this, we have a much bigger thing going. Our universe is made out of energy, which can be divided into Yin and Yang. Yin & Yang are expanding and contracting all the time. When Yin & Yang are expanding, they separate, and they became clearly distinguishable from each other. When the expansion is at its peak, we can see clearly what is Yin and what is Yang, which means that people can clearly distinguish positive from negative.

When Yin & Yang are contracting, the two forces mix, and it becomes difficult to distinguish them. It affects our human experience in a way that we are unable to see what is right and what is wrong; it all becomes a thousand shades of grey. Such energy makes people very confused, irritable, easy to manipulate, and prone to conflicts. We are now in that period where trust in institutions, politicians, and experts is at the lowest levels. People don’t trust anything these days, and for a good reason; most media are manipulated, whether on the left or right. Finding out what is right and what is wrong is becoming increasingly difficult, and it might worsen in the coming months.

From an astrology point of view, we are in the period of a great alignment between the planets, an occurrence that didn’t happen for thousands of years. This is the moment when Yin & Yang energies are contracting. Such alignment is significant because it unlocks energy which was previously inaccessible to humans; therefore, this is also a period of massive opportunity; humans will have a chance to increase their consciousness at a rapid rate, sometimes even within seconds, if you are at the right place, and at the right time.


Those who spend the last several years and decades working on their spiritual awakening will be prepared, but those who spent their time living in the matrix, ignoring their bodies and souls, will have a tough time. 

Governments and media will try to sow fear, and our main task is not to buy it. It’s also important not to go into conflicts. I certainly won’t be out on the streets and demonstrating against lockdowns or masks. I can’t entirely agree with those measures, but it is more important to preserve my energy and peace of mind and prepare for what is coming.

The peak is expected to be on 21st December, but these disturbances will probably continue well into 2021, a Metal Ox year. Metal Ox is bringing strong Yin Metal energy, which represents a needle; therefore, we can expect the vaccination topic to be at the forefront. 

This is to highlight the challenges we are about to experience soon.  If you feel you need help or guidance, please don’t hesitate to use the chat option to contact me.

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