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Giorgia Meloni’s recent political rise has been remarkable. As the leader of the right-wing Brothers of Italy party, she capitalized on increasing nationalist sentiments and public discontent with traditional parties. In the 2022 general elections, her party emerged as the largest in the center-right coalition, leading her to become Italy’s first female Prime Minister.

Meloni’s success is attributed to her firm stance on immigration, national sovereignty, and conservative values, resonating with many voters. Her assertive leadership and clear vision have positioned her as a dominant force in Italian politics, reflecting a significant shift in the country’s political landscape.

Her fierce personality and superb communication talent have been key factors in her rapid political ascent and her ability to maintain a strong presence on the Italian and international political stage. Here’s a deeper look into her chart:

Giorgia Meloni’s BaZi chart provides fascinating insights into her personality and political career. As a Yang Water Master Element, Meloni possesses characteristics of resilience, adaptability, and dynamic energy. Here’s a deeper analysis of her chart:

Yang Water Master Element

Strength and Support: Yang Water is known for its vast, powerful, and relentless nature, akin to oceans and rivers. Meloni’s Yang Water is notably strong, drawing its strength from various Metal Elements in her chart. Metal, which represents structure and clarity, supports Water by providing the necessary foundation and discipline, enhancing her ability to navigate complex political landscapes and assert her influence.

Water Structure: The presence of a Water structure between the Monkey and Dragon branches adds further power to her Master Element. This configuration signifies a continuous flow and connectivity, suggesting that Meloni can harness her energy efficiently and adapt to changing circumstances. It reinforces her strategic thinking and her capacity to sustain long-term goals.

Elemental Composition

Cold Dominance: Meloni’s chart is cold, dominated by Metal, Water, and Cold Earth. This combination highlights a personality that is meticulous, strategic, and often perceived as detached or reserved. The cold nature of her chart implies a calculated and rational approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

Influence: The interaction between Water and Earth creates an Influence Talent Bridge. This bridge is particularly suitable for a political populist like Meloni, as it signifies the ability to influence and mobilize the masses. Water’s persuasive nature and Earth’s stability combine to form a powerful tool for political leadership and public appeal.

Flamboyant Supertalent

Yang Fire on Yearly Pillar: The most striking feature in Meloni’s chart is the presence of Yang Fire on the Yearly pillar, which acts as a Flamboyant Supertalent. Yang Fire is associated with visibility, charisma, and communication. It provides Meloni with extraordinary communication skills, making her a captivating and persuasive speaker. The interaction between Yang Fire and Yang Water indicates a fast, restless mind, capable of quick thinking and rapid decision-making.

Combining with Yin Metal: Yang Fire also combines with Yin Metal in her chart, adding a more solid and structured dimension to her personality. This combination enhances her ability to articulate her vision clearly and convincingly, further solidifying her public image and leadership qualities.

Pressure and Mentality

Bossy Mentality: There is immense pressure on Yang Fire from Water and Metal elements. This pressure indicates a bossy mentality and a tendency to micro-manage those around her. The relentless nature of Water and the sharpness of Metal create a demanding and exacting personality, often leading Meloni to take a hands-on approach in her leadership style.

Current Period and Future Prospects

Yang Fire Rooster Period (2020-Present): Since 2020, Meloni has been in a Yang Fire Monkey period. This additional Yang Fire boosts her visibility, charisma, and communication prowess. It amplifies her leadership qualities, making her even more dominant and influential in the political arena. The Monkey’s association with Metal further strengthens the foundational support for her Water Master Element, enhancing her strategic capabilities.

Lack of Wood Element: Her chart notably lacks the Wood Element, which signifies growth, expansion, and creativity. This missing element could indicate areas where she may face challenges or need to seek external support. Interestingly, from 2030 onwards, Meloni will start receiving the Wood Element. This period could bring new opportunities for growth and transformation in her political career. The introduction of Wood may balance her chart, potentially softening her approach and bringing fresh perspectives and strategies.


Giorgia Meloni’s BaZi chart reveals a complex and dynamic personality, marked by strength, strategic thinking, and exceptional communication skills. Her Yang Water Master Element, supported by Metal and amplified by Yang Fire, shapes her as a resilient and influential leader. The pressure on Yang Fire underscores her bossy and demanding nature, while the Influence Talent Bridge highlights her ability to connect with and mobilize the public. As she moves into periods influenced by different elements, it will be intriguing to observe how her political journey evolves and adapts to these changing energies.

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