Trump’s double whammy impeachment

New Chinese New Year, new Trump impeachment, it seems like we have a deja vu.

As you probably know, Democrats are pushing the second impeachment of Trump, this time with an even weaker case than the first time, but I guess that’s our reality these days; it’s all political theater now. Democrats are obviously not seeking justice here; the move is purely political and a total waste of time and money.

But it’s interesting to see why Trump attracted such troubles in recent times.

As we know, Trump is born in a Wood Horse month, which represents career. This pillar got clashed (Fan Yin) by Metal Rat year. The Yin Water within the Rat is attacked by the Yin Fire within the Horse. On top, Yang Metal attacked his Yang Wood. This is not a pleasant constellation and is the primary reason why Trump had such a challenging year and was eventually voted out of office. His entire month pillar was in disarray, creating chaos in his chart.

The Metal Ox year brings similar trouble. Ox and Horse are in mutual harm position. Yin Water within the Ox is trying to hurt Horse’s Yin Fire, while Yin Fire within the Horse is counterattacking Ox’s Yin Metal. The Yin Water within the Ox is weak; therefore, it might not have such devastating influence as Rat.

On top of the Ox, we have Yin Metal, which is absorbed by Trump’s Yang Fire stem. Overall, this attack is much weaker, and Trump will absorb it easier and maybe even throw few serious punches towards the other side.

Even if they manage to impeach him, it won’t hurt Trump much; on the contrary, it will make him a martyr. In my opinion, Democrats are making a terrible mistake here. They already removed him from the office, but now they want to destroy his brand and punish his voters, which will backlash heavily against them. Going against politicians is acceptable, but going against half of the country is very unwise and will destabilize the entire country.

Let’s see how Trump will handle this situation and whether he can get his voice back after being banned from Twitter. Metal Ox could help him because Metal represents Output Component to Yin Earth Master Element; therefore, we could see Trump pushing back against authorities quite hard, and relatively soon.

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