Oscars 2019 – Dick Cheney (Vice)

During the next few weeks, we will cover top Oscar-nominated movies, analyze actors and real-life characters from nominated movies.

Vice is a movie about Dick Cheney, a US Vice President who served with George Bush from 2001 to 2009. To put it mildly, Dick Cheney was not much liked by the public, many thought that he was a real president who worked from the shadows, manipulating George Bush who often looked like he is out of his place, which is probably true.

The movie shows quite well, and in a rather humorous way, how Dick Cheney rose to power. Have to also add that Christian Bale did a fantastic job playing his character, definitely an Oscar-worthy.

Cheney is born as Yang Earth Master Element, with a quite strong presence of Yin Earth.

Just this piece of information shows us that Dick Cheney is a fighter and a rather stubborn one. Competitor Talent is very strong in his chart, giving him an excessive desire to win. This type of person strives in conflicts, so when 9/11 attack happened, he felt totally comfortable to gain control over the situation.

Having a strong Earth Element also shows us that he is a very stubborn person.

Generally speaking, for a person to gain political power, he or she needs to have a rather strong and active POWER Component, which he did. Dick Cheney has a solid Warrior Talent in his chart, and it clearly shows in his character.

There is an interesting detail about his Power Component though. It’s placed at his spouse palace, which means that he gains political power through his wife, which is very much true. In the movie, we saw how he struggled to present himself during the campaign for Congress, but then his wife took the lead and the stage, and she rallied the masses. Without a wife, he would never be able to gain political power, she is definitely a key figure for him.

Cheney’s Earth is very strong, but luckily he had Metal and Wood to put that Earth to work. Metal Element represents Artist Talent to him, which brought him intelligence. During the vice-presidency, he was in a very strong period of Metal, which emphasized this Talent a lot, and he put it in good personal use, by taking control of almost the entire US government.