Chart duel: RBG vs ACB

One of the biggest news last month was the passing of one of the most popular Supreme Court judges in the US, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, popularly known as RBG.

She was 87 years old, and everybody knew that time would come soon when the president will have to choose the replacement. Democrats were hoping for Biden to have that opportunity, but things developed so that now Trump has a chance to put his own person, and his choice is Amy Coney Barrett, also known as ACB.

We took a quick look into these two charts, mainly to learn the chart requirements to obtain such a high position as a Supreme Court judge. We will focus on Talent Bridges, which is btw a new feature in our iOS app.

RBG is a Yang Metal, which immediately tells us that justice is fundamental to her. Yang Metal people are often obsessed with social justice and protecting those in need.

She has three high-quality Talent Bridges. The first one is between Earth and Wood (Intellect + Wealth Components), making her financially independent. When a woman is financially independent, they can become very influential, and in most cases, they are not suitable to be housewives. It’s a known fact that her husband took more of a supporting role in their relationship, which shows that she was the main earner in their household.

The second Bridge is between Earth and Water (Intellect + Output), which brings her intelligence and the ability to obtain a high education level.

The third Bridge is between Metal and Wood (Body + Wealth Components), boosting her Dominance Talent Bridge.

Another interesting aspect is her Competitor Talent, making her highly competitive, fierce, and able to gain followers, which she did.

This is a highly functional chart; I would say ideal for her profession and her role in society.

ACB is a Yang Earth Master Element, with a rather strong Yin Metal, which makes her Performer Talent quite dominant. Wood is weak, telling us that she has a dominant role in her relationship, not submissive, which is quite the opposite of how the media portrays her. She is somehow submissive towards her husband. Her chart is everything but submissive, she is vocal and able to defend herself rather fiercely, so the media is completely wrong, but we are used to that now 😉 The husband is very supportive, and she gains a lot of energy from it.

Strong Performer also means that her children will be very dominant in her life; she has seven of them.

ACB also has a powerful Creativity Bridge, made of Fire and Metal (Intellect + Output Components); therefore, she is also intelligent and able to obtain a high education.

Earth and Water bring her Dominance Bridge (Body + Wealth), while Fire and Water bring her good money luck (Intellect + Wealth).

Interestingly enough, she also has strong Competitor Talent, as RBG.

So as we can see, these two charts are very similar, with the same three Bridges and similar Talents. Both charts are of high quality, with almost no weak points; therefore, we can conclude that ACB is most likely a great choice for a Supreme Court judge.

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