Joe Biden – Innocent or guilty?

First, sorry for the terrible clickbait title, I couldn’t resist 😉

But now that you are here, let me state very clearly, we should never use BaZi Chart to determine whether somebody is guilty or not, no matter which crime is in question. BaZi is simply not the right tool to determine such things.

What we can see is whether the person has certain behavior patterns that might lead to possible issues with the law, like stealing, lying, sexual misbehavior, etc., but that is still not a valid proof that the person did something wrong or against the law.

We all have our moral compass and different levels of consciousness. Some of us can control our urges, while some will fall for them when tested. Our level of consciousness and inner moral standards can’t be seen in the BaZi chart because this is something we develop continually, through life experience. Our birth chart is static but our morality is dynamic (mostly moving in a positive direction, but not necessarily).

Now that we have clarified the basic rules and what chart can and cannot tell us, let’s have a look into Joe Biden’s BaZi chart and see whether those accusations of sexual misconduct by Tara Reade have any legs to stand on.

Joe Biden is born as Yin Fire Master Element. The first thing that caught my attention was the position of his Yin Metal, which we can find on month stem and within the Ox branch, right below his ME. The Yin Metal monthly stem represents a Flamboyant Supertalent, a kind of Supertalent that has a lot to do with flirting, strong sex drive, and general playboy behavior. This Supertalent indicates his ability to attract women through his communication and flirting skills. Such Supertalent also often makes a man behave rather irrationally and intrusive when around women, either physically or verbally. 

We saw on many occasions that he has a problem keeping distance from women in public places, there are many photos on the internet confirming it. This is a type of behavior that is quite common with this particular Supertalent.

Yin Metal showing within his Ox branch confirms that he was very much attracted to the “one-night stand” type of women. I can easily imagine him at his younger age, especially knowing that he was quite good looking and charismatic, that he had no problem approaching and flirting with women. It was his second nature.

Horse vs. Ox harm also indicates strong Dominance Talent Bridge, which has a lot to do with sex drive and making inappropriate advances towards women.

The incident with Tara Reade happened in 1993, and that gave us another clue. 1993 was a Water Rooster year, which means all those Yin Metal negative character traits got activated rather strongly, initiating the clash between his Yin Fire and Yin Metal.

Water on top of the Rooster represents Power Component to him, meaning that this conflict caused him certain legal issues, but somehow he managed to make the whole case go away, probably through political games and favors, I would assume.

So, from everything we can see from his chart, I do believe that he is prone to mistreat or misuse women, especially during that year which might have pushed this particular negative behavior. Whether he did what he is accused of or not, I will leave the conclusion to those who are more familiar with the actual case and are handling actual evidence. 

NOTE: We don’t have Tara Reade’s birth info so we are unable to confirm whether she attracted such an incident, from her side. In most cases, it’s a two-way street, the victim might have also a certain setup that attracts such people and situations.

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